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When Will Battlefield 5 Tank Body Customization be Available?

Battlefield 5 vehicle customization has been present in the game since the beginning of December. However, some players are still wondering when a tank body customization feature will be added to EA DICE’s first person shooter. So, when will Battlefield 5 tank body customization be available to players?

What is Battlefield 5 Vehicle Customization?

Vehicle customization is exactly what it sounds like. Battlefield 5 players can use a wide variety of cosmetics—earned in-game or bought via the Battlefield 5 store—to deck out their vehicles in different logos, badges, paint jobs, and more. Vehicles such as bikes, soldier transport, and planes can all be modified. But what about tanks?

Tank body customization, such as armor plates, were not part of the update that landed on December 3. So when will this part of Battlefield 5’s vehicle customization be part of the game, and allow players to kit out their tanks as they see fit?

When Will Battlefield 5 Tank Body Customization be Available?

Battlefield 5 players won’t have too long to wait for this particular question to be answered, if a recent Reddit AMA with EA DICE is anything to go by. EA DICE global community manager Dan Mitre responded to a question relating to this, and he revealed that tank body customization would be “coming soon,” but declined to give an official date for confirmation.

Tank body customization may not be a big deal to many players, but those who do want to use it have been left waiting to do so. There won’t be any further updates or patches to Battlefield 5 before the holiday season, but EA DICE will likely make it a priority after the turn of the year.

Be on the lookout for any information, relating to this if you want tank body customization, on our Battlefield 5 game page. If we hear anything, we’ll be sure to let you know.