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Pokemon Go Abomasnow – How to Get

Luckily, it’s not that difficult to get Pokemon Go Abomasnow; well, not right now, at least. Abomasnow evolves from Snover, the infamous Ice/Grass-type that was first seen in Gen 4. Now, as part of the Pokemon Go 2018 Winter event, Snover—and by extension Abomasnow—has been added to the game’s roster alongside the latest wave of Sinnoh Pokemon to arrive in Niantic’s popular title. Here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Abomasnow, including how to catch Abomasnow in Pokemon Go and how to evolve Snover in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Abomasnow – How to Get

There is one definite way to get Pokemon Go Abomasnow, but there could technically be a second method of doing so, too. You see, the first way to get Pokemon Go Abomasnow is to evolve Snover using Candy. This means catching a lot of Snovers, as you’ll need to built up quite a stock of Snover Candy before having the ability to evolve your favorite one. During the Pokemon Go 2018 Winter event, Snover is appearing all over the place, so catching loads of Snovers shouldn’t be too difficult for the foreseeable future.

However, Abomasnow is the only evolution of Snover. Traditionally, the evolved form of two-tier Pokemon families in Pokemon Go can often be found in the wild, meaning that there could potentially be a chance for trainers to stumble across a roaming Abomasnow. While it may be in your favor to catch as many Snovers as possible in order to be able to see which one is the best, you could save yourself a lot of effort in relation to the Pokedex entry alone if you get lucky enough to encounter an Abomasnow in the wild.

The same goes for many of the other Pokemon that were added to Pokemon Go last week: Croagunk (Toxicroak), Bronzor (Bronzong), Finneon (Lumineon), and Skorupi (Drapion).