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How to Increase Vitamin D Levels in Atlas

Is your Vitamin D level low in Atlas? Yeah, us too. The blue vitamin bar gets sapped to zero an outrageous rate, even for a survival game. Thankfully, there’s a couple of wayts to increase Vitamin D levels in Atlas and it involves getting your feet wet. Here’s how to make sure you don’t die from Vitamin D deficiency in Atlas… for a while, anyway.

How to Increase Vitamin D Levels in Atlas

Vitamin levels are split into four categories in Atlas: Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and, you guessed it, Vitamin D.

Vitamin A requires you to eat your vegetables and will only affect that bar, Vitamin B is meat, Vitamin C is fruit and Vitamin D is fish.

That means that, to increase Vitamin D levels, you’re going to have to chow down on lots of fish. Of course, you can’t eat too many as that’ll negatively affect your character too. There’s also an important distinction between meat and fish. Eating fish won’t improve Vitamin B, nor will eating meat improve your Vitamin D. They’re two very separate things; the gamified aspect of the game means there’s a lot of juggling going on.

But back to fish.

To find these little guys, you’re going to have to, of course, find ports, harbors, bodies of water and the likes and catch a fish. Using a fishing rod yields better fish but, for that, you’ll need to construct a rod, get sugar cane for bait, as well as construct a chair to sit on before you can even start fishing. That’s time-consuming and, with a blue bar of a ticking clock slowly running down, time isn’t something you have in spades.

Instead, grab a spear and wade around in the deep blue sea. You can even get in and punch fish if you’re feeling particularly sadistic. Get them all eaten and your Vitamin D will increase in no time.