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How to Craft Arrows in Below – Items and Crafting

Your weapons in Below, like most games, are key to defeating things that wish to kill you. One of the weapons that you can use is a bow, so you’ll want to know how to craft arrows, right? Here’s how to craft arrows in Below, what each type of arrow does, and what materials you’ll need to make them

How to Craft Arrows in Below – Required Items and Arrow Types

In order to craft arrows in Below, you’ll need to acquire three raw ingredients which are dependent on what type of arrow you wish to make.

To craft any type of arrow though, you will need to start off by finding a single stick, or a bundle of them if you want to make more than one. Sticks can be found all over Below, so you won’t have trouble locating them. You can carry a stack of eight sticks in each bundle, but make sure that your adventurer doesn’t just carry sticks. You’ll need item slots for other important things too.

Once you have enough sticks, you can begin crafting different types of arrows. The first type is your normal arrow. You will need a stick, a piece of leather, and a shard. Leather can be obtained from animal skins that you’ve acquired, and shards can be found throughout Below’s caverns.

There are three other types of arrows that you can craft, and each has a unique ability to help you defeat your foes. The fire arrow (stick, leather, and an ember) will, naturally, set enemies on fire and help you kill them quicker. The bomb arrow (string, stick, and phosphor) explodes upon impact, and is very useful for taking out multiple enemies close together.

Finally, spike arrows (stick, shard, and spike) pierce enemies and cause them to bleed more heavily to, again, kill them quicker. All of the raw material for these special arrow types are scattered throughout Below, so make sure you keep an eye out for them on your adventures.