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Halo: Reach Xbox360 Cheats

Cheat Codes

Armor Lock

1. Make two armor locks

2. Take one and use it

3. While in the middle of armor lock turn into the forge probe and go over the second armor lock and press b and hit delete all.

You should have armor lock on and be able to move around.when you fall you don't die. But when you're in vicle and they explode you will die.after that pick up an ability and you should be able to use that armour abilitity with lossing armour lock pls rate

How to get credits fast

  1. go to fire fight
  2. go to settings
  3. select spartan settings
  4. do shield and heath and put every thing on high so youll never die
  5. put it on legendary
  6. and away u go

Set everything high on the settings for firefight and put it on legendary You'll get MORE CREDITS!


Skull List

Below is a list of skulls that you can turn on (they do not need to be unlocked) in Halo: Reach:

Primary Skulls

Black Eye: You can only recharge your shields by using melee attacks on enemies.

Catch: Opponents throw grenades twice as frequently, and they go twice as fast.

Cloud: No motion sensor is available.

Famine: Half as much ammunition is dropped with weapons.

Iron: This sends you to the last checkpoint when a player dies in co-operative mode. In single player, you have to begin the whole mission from the start if you die.

Mythic: Enemies have twice as much health.

Thunderstorm: Enemies have more health.

Tilt: Enemy weaknesses and strengths are raised, making Elites only vulnerable to Plasma Pistols.

Tough Luck: Opponents will not retreat and will dive out of the way of attacks, Grunts will suicide attack you, and Brutes will charge at you.

Secondary Skulls

Blind: No HUD (screen indicators), arms or weapon shown on screen.

Cowbell: Items are moved three times as far from explosions.

Grunt Birthday: Grunts explode if killed with a headshot, complete with confetti.

IWHBYD: Uncommon dialogue is swapped with common dialogue.


The following list shows you the amount of Credits you must earn to reach the corresponding rank.

Private - 7,500 Credits

Corporal - 10,000 Credits (+2,500 Credits)

Corporal: Grade 1 - 15,000 Credits (+5,000 Credits)

Sergeant - 20,000 Credits (+5,000 Credits)

Sergeant: Grade 1 - 26,250 Credits (+6,250 Credits)

Sergeant: Grade 2 - 32,500 Credits (+6,250 Credits)

Warrant Officer - 45,000 Credits (+12500 Credits)

Warrant Officer: Grade 1 - 78,000 Credits (+33,000 Credits)

Warrant Officer: Grade 2 - 111,000 Credits (+33,000 Credits)

Warrant Officer: Grade 3 - 144,000 Credits (+33,000 Credits)

Captain - 210,000 Credits (+99,000 Credits)

Captain: Grade 1 - 233,000 Credits (+23,000 Credits)

Captain: Grade 2 - 256,000 Credits (+23,000 Credits)

Captain: Grade 3 - 279,000 Credits (+23,000 Credits)

Major - 325,000 Credits (+46,000 Credits)

Major: Grade 1 - 350,000 Credits (+25,000 Credits)

Major: Grade 2 - 375,000 Credits (+25,000 Credits)

Major: Grade 3 - 400,000 Credits (+25,000 Credits)

Lt. Colonel - 450,000 Credits (+50,000 Credits)

Lt. Colonel: Grade 1 - 480,000 Credits (+30,000 Credits)

Lt. Colonel: Grade 2 - 510,000 Credits (+30,000 Credits)

Lt. Colonel: Grade 3 - 540,000 Credits (+30,000 Credits)


Armor Lock Hint

When a ghost is boosting towards you, use armor lock and the Ghost will get destroyed.

Halo reach walking armor lock

First in forge make two armor locks then pick one up. Go armor lock and when in sheilded position without releasing go forge ball. Then go to the other armor lock and press delete all of these go out of forge mode and you are invincable to anything but going out the map or into water.

Random tips

Armor lock can take out an enemy's shield at close range, allowing you to breack out and kill them in one melee attack.

Holograms dont have text above their heads, makeing them easy to notice.(see the other cheat.)

Halo Reach is actually the first game chronilogically, but the last made by date.(and by Bungie for that matter.)

In the campaign, Jun, is the only spartan on Noble team to survive.

Master Chief, the main character, in all the other halo games, does not appear in game.

with the grenade launcher, you can hold down the trigger to make the grenade not explode right away. release to detonate.

Halo 4 will be released Holiday 2012,

Recon helmet can also be unlocked upon reaching the rank of Colonel. you did not have to pre order the game to get it. however you will not have access to the 3rd attachment to the helmet if you got by rank.

Weapon effectivness

Covenant weapons are more effective in taking down shields. while Human weapons are more effective in depleting health. It is wise to use a combination of a Covenant weapon(Plasma Bullets) and a Human weapon(normal tiny bullets). Example: Plasma repeater + assault rifle. Use the plasma repeater to kill your foe's shield, then take out the assault rifle to finish him quickely...or take out his shield with the plasma thing and then smack him with R1 at close range.

How to counter "teabagging"

When you are online in Halo, and you see a person that you know is going to teabag you, throw a grenade just before you die, so if they come overyou will blow them up!


How to hijack a Wraith (Covenant Tank)

First, you must take out the main gunner. If you don't, you wont succeed. After that, you board the Wraith. Instead of planting a grenade, punch it once every 5 seconds until you see a body. Then you hop into it like any other vehicle. It may be smoking, but for me, I will take any vehicle as long as it is not on fire.


You need at least two players to do this glitch. First go to Forge on the main menu. Then have one player turn into a mini droid and spawn two armor locks then have the other player take one and hold it down. Then while the other player is using armor lock the other player turns into a mini droid an delete the other one quickly. When the other player stands, he/she will be able to stand with armor lock and he will be indestructible unless he gets asassanated by another player. when you turn into a droid, you will still have it.

Go Thru one-way Shield doors as Forge Ball

If you placed a shield door in front of a one-way door or entrance and are too lazy to move it, go into forge ball, back up a long way, hold down L2, and go as fast as you can towreds the door, and if you did it right you should go right thru the door with out having to move it! kind of useless but hey its useful for a lazy person like my self.

Easter Eggs

Anniversary Map Pack - Infinite explosion

On forge mode set respawn time to 1 second on mines; put 1 over the other 1.


A Monument To All Your Sins (150)Completed every mission in Halo: Reach alone, on Legendary.
A New Challenger (10)Completed all of the Daily Challenges in a given day.
A Spoonful Of Blamite (10)Killed 10 enemies in Firefight or Campaign with a supercombine explosion.
A Storage Solution (5)Used the File Browser to upload a file to your File Share.
An Elegant Weapon (10)Killed 10 enemies in a Firefight or Campaign session with the DMR.
An Honor Serving (25)Reached the rank of Captain in the UNSC.
Banshees, Fast And Low (25)Hijacked a Banshee during the Reach Campaign.
Be My Wingman Anytime (5)Let a teammate spawn on you 5 times in an Invasion Matchmaking game.
Blaze Of Glory (25)Scored 200,000 points in a Firefight game.
Cool File, Bro (5)Recommended a file to someone.
Crowd Control (10)Earned a Killionaire medal in Firefight.
Doctor, Doctor (5)Used a Health Pack to replenish life after taking body damage.
Dust And Echoes (10)Completed the 8th mission on Normal or harder.
Firestarter (10)Scored 50,000 points in a Firefight game.
Folks Need Heroes... (50)Completed the Campaign on Heroic difficulty.
Game, Set, Match (25)Completed a Firefight set on Legendary without dying.
Gods Must Be Strong (125)Completed the Campaign on Legendary difficulty.
Heat In The Pipe (75)Scored 1,000,000 points in a Firefight game.
I Didn't Train To Be A Pilot (10)Killed 3 of the anti-aircraft batteries during the 8th mission.
I Need A Weapon (10)Completed the 4th mission on Normal or harder.
I See You Favour A .45 (10)Killed 10 enemies in a Firefight or Campaign session with the M6G pistol.
If They Came To Hear Me Beg (25)Performed an Assassination against an Elite to survive a fall that would've been fatal.
Into The Howling Dark (10)Completed the 7th mission on Normal or harder.
KEEP IT CLEAN (5)Killed 7 Moa during the 2nd mission of the Campaign.
Knife To A Gun Fight (5)As an Elite, killed 5 Spartan players in Matchmaking.
Lemme Upgrade Ya (10)Advanced a Commendation to a Silver state.
Lucky Me (25)Earned a Triple Kill while Jetpacking in Campaign, Firefight or Matchmaking.
Make It Drizzle (10)Purchased an item from the Armory.
Make It Rain (10)Purchased an item from the Armory that required the rank of Lt. Colonel.
One Down, 51 To Go (10)Completed a Weekly Challenge.
Protocol Dictates Action (10)Completed the 3rd mission on Normal or harder.
Score Attack (10)Scored 15,000 points in Score Attack Firefight Matchmaking.
Send Me Out... With A Bang (10)Completed the 10th mission on Normal or harder.
Skunked (10)Won a game of Invasion in the 1st phase.
Swap Meet (10)Traded weapons with an AI ally in Campaign.
Tank Beats Everything (25)Finished the 9th mission on Legendary with the Scorpion intact.
That's A Knife (10)Performed an Assassination on an enemy.
The Soldier We Need You To Be (25)Completed the Campaign on Normal difficulty.
The Start Of Something (15)Reached the rank of Corporal in the UNSC.
They've Always Been Faster (25)Cleared the 2nd mission without setting foot in a drivable vehicle.
This Is Not Your Grave (10)Completed the 9th mission on Normal or harder.
To War (10)Completed the 5th mission on Normal or harder.
Two Corpses In One Grave (25)Killed 2 vehicles at once with the Target Locator in the 3rd mission.
Wake Up Buttercup (25)Destroyed the Corvette's engines & escort in under 3 minutes in the 6th mission on Heroic or harder.
We're Just Getting Started (10)Completed the 2nd mission on Normal or harder.
What's A Killing Spree? (5)Earned a Killing Spree in multiplayer Matchmaking.
Yes, Sensei (10)Earned a First Strike Medal in a Matchmaking game.
You Flew Pretty Good (10)Completed the 6th mission on Normal or harder.
Your Heresy Will Stay Your Feet (25)Killed the Elite Zealot before he escaped during the 5th mission.

Avatar Awards

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Carter's HelmetClear a Campaign mission on Legendary without dying.
Emile's HelmetEarned a Bulltrue medal in either multiplayer or Firefight Matchmaking.
Jorge's HelmetEarn a Killtacular in multiplayer Matchmaking.
Jun's HelmetKill 100 enemies in a row without dying in either the Campaign or Firefight.
Kat's HelmetAvenged a teammate's death in multiplayer Matchmaking