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Unable to Authenticate Pokemon Go Fix

The unable to authenticate Pokemon Go error is preventing players from playing Pokemon Go. The full error message reads “unable to authenticate, please try again” and simply kicks players out of the main Pokemon Go interface. However, there is a way to fix this Pokemon Go bug if you’re willing to follow a few simple steps. Here’s everything you need to know about how to fix the unable to authenticate Pokemon Go error.

Unable to Authenticate Pokemon Go Fix

The official Pokemon website released a statement about the unable to authenticate Pokemon Go error that aims to help players fix the bug they’re facing. It reads as follows:

If you are receiving a “failed to authenticate” error when trying to log in to Pokémon GO, please reboot/restart your phone and then log in to Pokémon GO again. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, please visit the Niantic support page at: for further assistance. There you can find their Known Issues as well as a Troubleshooting Guide. Note: the link above takes you to a web page not created or maintained by the Pokémon Company International.

While rebooting has been known to fix some errors in the past, there’s actually a lot more to this. A Reddit post written by someone who couldn’t log in to their PTC (Pokemon Trainer  Club) account deals with this issue more directly, offering players the necessary guidelines for fixing the unable to authenticate Pokemon Go error properly.

It seems that this error is usually linked to a mix-up with your Google account. If you see this error, make sure that you’re logged into the Google account you use for Pokemon Go on the phone you’re playing on and then reboot your phone. Doing this should fix the unable to authenticate Pokemon Go error, allowing you to play again.