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How to Cook Food in Below – Items and Crafting

So you want to know how to cook food in Below, eh? It’s a good job you’ve unearthed this guide then, as you’ll need to make meals for your adventurer to be able to survive the dark caverns of Below‘s world. Here’s how to cook food in Below, including what items you’ll need to make certain meals, and how to cook them.

How to Cook Food in Below – What do I Need to Begin Cooking?

First up, you will need to have a bottle of water and a campfire before you can begin to cook food. The campfire is required to cook whatever dish you’re trying to make, while water is needed to cook your ingredients in. As long as you have these two, cooking food will be a breeze , as long as you have enough raw materials.

You can get water from a number of pools found in Below. To fill up your bottle, simply stand in one of these pools and tap the “A” button on your Xbox One controller to fill it up. Campfires, meanwhile, can be found at various junctions in the game, and also act as “save points” in Below.

How to Cook Food in Below – What Kind of Meals Can I Cook?

Below‘s menu is pretty much comprised of soups. Given that one of the main ingredients is water, this shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. Still, it’s good to get a nice, hearty, warm meal in the vast cold areas of Below, so read on to find out what meals you can actually craft.

How to Cook Food in Below – The Best Recipes

There are three main recipes that you’ll want to learn to be able to cook food in Below. We’ve listed them below, along with what ingredients you’ll need, and what each one does.


  • Raw materials required: Water + Campfire + three lots of vegetables (potatoes or turnips).
  • Description: Restore a small amount to your hunger meter.


  • Raw materials required: Water + Campfire + three lots of meat(obtained from killed animals) or vegetables in a 2:1 ratio
  • Description: Restores 50% of your hunger and thirst meter.


  • Raw materials needed: Water + Campfire + three lots of meat.
  • Description: Restores 90% of your hunger, thirst, and warmth meter.