How to Watch the Black Mirror Movie Bandersnatch

Netflix has just stepped up its game by releasing the interactive film, Bandersnatch. We’re getting closer and closer to the future with an interactive Black Mirror film. It’s not entirely straightforward, however, how one actually watches (and plays) Bandersnatch. Read on to discover how to watch Bandersnatch and where to find Bandsnatch on Netflix.

What is the Black Mirror Movie Bandersnatch?

Bandersnatch is the latest entry into the long-running Black Mirror series on Netflix. Charlie Brooker’s dark science-fiction series has always been something a little ahead of the curve, and Bandersnatch is no different. It all centers around the events of 19-year-old game developer Stefan (Fionn Whitehead). He is in the process of adapting a choose-your-own-adventure book into a video game. His free will, however, is gone and is placed entirely in your hands.

You choose everything he does, from what cereals he eats, where he goes, and whether or not he will murder his own father (it is Black Mirror, after all). How, though, do we watch it?

How to Watch Bandersnatch

For something so exciting, it is strangely hidden on Netflix. You won’t find it listed within the Black Mirror section of the streaming service. Instead, you will have to manually search for Bandersnatch via the service’s search functionality. You will find this on the left-hand side of the screen (on the separate menu), near the top of the menu.

Go into the search screen and manually type in Bandersnatch. With a name unique as that, it is bound to turn up almost instantly. Chances are, too, that you will find it under the new releases and trending sections of Netflix. Hopefully, however, Netflix will add Bandersnatch to the Black Mirror section of the streaming service. It would make finding the interactive film a fair amount easier than it currently is.