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Smash Ultimate Wendy – Is She the New DLC Fighter?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been out on Nintendo Switch for a little while by now and it is beginning to carve out its own unique identity within the Smash Bros community. All of a sudden, #ProjectWendy has sprung to life. Wendy O. Koopa has taken over Smash Ultimate YouTube and people are beginning to wonder is Smash Ultimate Wendy the new DLC fighter?

Smash Ultimate Wendy – Is She the New DLC Fighter?

The short answer is no. Wendy O. Koopa is extremely unlikely to be one of the upcoming DLC fighters for Smash Ultimate. This is because Wendy O. Koopa is already a playable character of sorts in Smash Ultimate. While she doesn’t have her own unique character slot, she makes up one of the eight Koopalings that form the list of Bowser Jr. costume variants. Along with the likes of Iggy, Larry, Morton, Roy, Lemmy, and Ludwig von Koopa, you can choose to play as Wendy.

Unfortunately, Wendy doesn’t have her own move-set. All of the Koopalings share Bowser Jr’s attacks, stats, and Final Smash. The announcer will say the name of your chosen Koopaling, however, if you choose what one you want before selecting the character (hover over the character face and press the color changing button until you find the Koopaling you want).

There is always the chance that Nintendo could create a fully-fledged playable Smash Ultimate Wendy, but it is unlikely.

What is #ProjectWendy?

You may have noticed tonnes of recently uploaded Smash Ultimate Wendy videos on YouTube. Often, these videos are adorned with the message #ProjectWendy.

According to a Reddit thread started by u/PixelTaku, #ProjectWendy was developed as an organized meme via a private Discord channel where notable Smash Bros YouTubers get together. As part of a Twitter poll by one such user, it was discovered that Wendy is the least popular of the Bowser Jr. Smash Ultimate costumes. Our best guess is that they are trying to spread the word of Wendy O. Koopa. Perhaps people are looking to get Bowser Jr. a timely buff, too. Everyone deserves a chance, right?