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Resident Evil 2 Gunpowder recipes | How to make more ammo

You can use gunpowder in Resident Evil 2 remake to make ammo for the various weapons you have in your arsenal. Ammo is relatively scarce throughout the game, so you’ll need to take advantage of gunpowder to supplement the premade bullets you find.

There are several gunpowder recipes in Resident Evil 2 remake which can be used to make different rounds. Since each weapon has a specific situational use in the game, so even if you don’t mix your gunpowder right away you’ll want to memorize each recipe so you can keep in mind your tactical possibilities.

How to use Gunpowder in Resident Evil 2 remake: All Gunpowder Recipes

Resident Evil 2 Remake Gunpowder Recipes

There are three types of gunpowder in Resident Evil 2 remake:

  • Gunpowder
  • High-Grade Gunpowder (White)
  • High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow)

Each of these types of gunpowder can be mixed, either with another of the same kind or with a different kind, to produce ammo for your weapons. Of the three types, regular gunpowder is the most common, with High-Grade Gunpowder being more sparsely place throughout the game.

You’ll also find Gunpowder (Large) during your adventure. This works the same as regular gunpowder except that it doubles the amount of ammo produced.

The challenge to using gunpowder is knowing when to mix it. Once it’s been made into ammo, the powder is expended and cannot be separated. This means it’s usually wise to hold onto it until you absolutely need it. It’s great to just make a bunch of handgun ammo to plink at zombies, but when it comes time to take on a boss, you’ll be happy to have an item box full of gunpowder to produce shotgun shells, magnum rounds, and grenade shells.

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The Resident Evil 2 remake gunpowder recipes are:

  • Gunpowder + Gunpowder: Handgun Ammo
  • Gunpowder + High-Grade Gunpowder (White): Acid Rounds
  • Gunpowder + High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow): Shotgun Shells
  • High-Grade Gunpowder (White) + High-Grade Gunpowder (White): Submachine Gun Ammo
  • High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow) + High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow): Magnum Ammo

As a rule, you’ll find High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow) in Leon’s scenario and High-Grade Gunpowder (White) during Claire’s game. Again, your best bet is to hoard gunpowder until you know you need it. Otherwise, you may find yourself stuck with a bunch of ammo you don’t want, or no ammo at all. When playing through Resident Evil 2 remake, less is more when it comes to bullets. The less you use, the more you’ll have when you really need them.