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Resident Evil 2 remake Guides and Walkthrough

Our Resident Evil 2 remake guides and walkthrough will make sure you make it out of the world of survival horror alive. If you need to know where a key is, how to defeat a boss, or where to find collectibles, we’ve got you covered. We’ve poured over RE2 remake looking in every nook and cranny to find the info you need to fight Umbrella.

We’ve tried to avoid spoilers below, but unfortunately, it’s impossible not to include them at all. We’ll lead with the most spoiler-free guides and put a disclaimer before we list the ones that discuss major story points or reveals. Just to warn you, though, if you’re looking for a completely spoiler-free Resident Evil 2 remake experience, you may want to turn back now.

Resident Evil 2 remake – General guides

If you need to know about the basics of RE2 remake, here’s where to look. We show you how healing and gunpowder work, as well as other useful tips to those just starting out.

WARNING: Spoilers below!

Resident Evil 2 remake – Weapons guides

We give you the scoop on everything you’d want to know about things that go bang in Resident Evil 2 remake. We show you where every gun is located, and how you can upgrade them.

Resident Evil 2 remake – Key and item guides

Need to know where to find a key or what doors it unlocks? Are you stumped on how to use an item? Check out our guides below to get the help you need.

Resident Evil 2 remake – Boss guides

We tell you how to get through every boss encounter in these guides.

Resident Evil 2 remake walkthroughs

We take you all the way through the game in our detailed walkthroughs.

Resident Evil 2 remake – Collectibles and unlocks guides

We show you every single collectible and unlock and how to find them.

Resident Evil 2 remake – Misc. guides

These guides didn’t really fit into any of the above categories, but they still contain a ton of useful info.

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