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Can you barricade and shut doors in Resident Evil 2? | How to stop zombies entering rooms

The shambling undead are outside the door but, boy, they can get in. You’re probably scrambling for a way to either barricade or shut doors in Resident Evil 2. Knowing how to stop zombies entering rooms is the difference between either your brains being splattered all over RPD, or theirs. Still, if you want to know whether you can keep zombies out of rooms or stop zombies opening doors, you’d best read on below.

Can you barricade and shut doors in Resident Evil 2?

While you can be barricaded in rooms (West Storage Room 3F, that’s all I’ll say), there’s no way to, say, use a pipe to completely barricade a lock a door up in Resident Evil 2.

You can shut doors, though. It’s not an exact science, but presssing interact and/or walking through a door and going out the other side should, providing a zombie isn’t immediately following you on your tail,

Despite that, zombies can unleash their inner Big Bad Wolf and pile on through the door, even if it’s been closed behind you. Is it simply a case of kissing your sorry behind goodbye or can you do something about it?

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How to stop zombies entering rooms in the Resident Evil 2 Remake

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You can! The Resident Evil 2 Remake never outright explains it, but shooting a limb (arm or leg) off of any zombie will mean it automatically can’t open any doors, making you at least somewhat safe from one member of the undead. Even if a zombie with four limbs makes its way through a door, there’s a small window of opportunity wherein it pauses and you can make a mad dash either for another exit or for its throat. It really is up to you.

Some rooms, also, appear to be safe havens at some point in the game. The S.T.A.R.S Office and the Main Hall through the opening hours of Scenario A can essentially not be breached by zombies, so you’re free to take a breather in there should you so desire.