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Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo Rocket Launcher, Minigun, Knife, SMG, Samurai Edge

It’s pretty much a staple of the franchise, so it’s understandable why players would be searching for a guide on how to unlock Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo. What with how scarce ammo is in the remake, the idea of unlocking unlimited ammo to rinse through the zombie opposition is undoubtedly a pleasant one. Entering the RPD with a bottomless clip, laying waste to every Licker in sight, is sure to stop you having nightmares. Happily, the Resident Evil 2 remake does indeed include multiple weapons with Infinite Ammo, which include the minigun, rocket launcher, and the Infinite Knife. Though, there is a catch, as they are a tad tricky to unlock. Here are the challenges that you’ll face on your quest to unlock unlimited ammo.

How to unlock Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo Rocket Launcher

Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo

The Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo Rocket Launcher will be the ultimate weapon of choice for most players. Bestowed upon Leon by a mysterious ally, the ATM-4 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher is the tool that ultimately defeats one of the game’s most powerful enemies. Per its in-game description, it’s “a portable rocket launcher that can hold four 66 mm incendiary rockets,” and these rockets “unleash a powerful conflagration” upon anything standing in your way. Needless to say, the Rocket Launcher is a beast, and it becomes even more beastly when filled with a limitless supply of rockets!

To unlock the Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo Rocket Launcher, players have to earn an S+ Rank with Leon in the Standard difficulty mode. As explained in our guide to the various Ranks and Rank times, achieving S+ on Standard is no easy feat. You are required to complete the game in the S Rank time, which is 3 hours 30 minutes for Leon A (1st) and 3 hours for Leon B (2nd), while also ensuring that you only save for a maximum of three times. Oh, and you can’t use any Infinite Ammo weapon unlocks, either!

If you make it to the Results screen with an S+ Rank during the Leon playthrough, you’ll have the Infinite Ammo Rocket Launcher reward pop up as you re-enter the game’s menu. Enjoy the unlimited power as you spam zombies with an endless barrage!

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How to unlock Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo Minigun

Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo

If there’s a weapon that can match the sheer destructive power of the Infinite Ammo Rocket Launcher, it’s the Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo Minigun. This Gatling gun is “a six-barrel motorized minigun that fires 7.62 mm NATO rounds.” It has an “incredibly fast rate of fire and deals a lot of damage.”

To unlock the Infinite Ammo Minigun, players have to truly master playing as Claire. This unlimited ammo weapon requires an S+ Rank as Claire on the Hardcore difficulty. This translates to a maximum completion time of 2 hours 30 minutes for Claire A (1st) and 2 hours for Claire B (2nd). And, yet again, you are only permitted a max of three saves and Infinite Ammo weapons are banned from the run.

Rush to the Results screen with an S+ Rank during the Claire playthrough to find the Infinite Ammo Minigun waiting for you. Hold down the trigger and mow everything down!

How to unlock Resident Evil 2 Infinite Knife

Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo

Fans of Resident Evil 4 may be disappointed to learn that the combat knife in the Resident Evil 2 remake can break. It can only be used a few times before being discarded. This is clearly no good if you want to slash at enemies on the floor to ensure they are dead, or depend upon the knife for punishing zombies who attempt a cheeky grab. Thankfully, the Resident Evil 2 Infinite Knife is one of the game’s many unlockable weapons.

To unlock the Resident Evil 2 Infinite Knife, all 15 Mr. Racoon locations need to be found. If you discover one of these figures, ensure you shoot it! Take out all 15 (probably with the help of our handy guide) to unlock the Infinite Knife.

How to unlock Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo Samurai Edge pistol

Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo

Pistol ammo is a rare resource in the Resident Evil 2 remake. Often, you’ll find yourself with one final magazine, which is simply not enough to wipe out the countless number of enemies between you and your goal. To magic away situations like this, you’ll be wanting to unlock the Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo pistol. This is the deadly Samurai Edge which, when combined with unlimited ammo, is sure to become your new best friend. What’s more, it’s fairly simple to unlock (compared to the Rocket Launcher and Minigun, at least).

To unlock the Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo pistol, players need to achieve an S Rank with either character on the Standard Difficulty. Follow our extensive guide on the exact times you’ll need to hit.

How to unlock Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo SMG

Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo

What’s better than an Infinite Ammo pistol? An SMG, of course! Trading in that semi-automatic weapon for the more spray-and-pray LE-5 SMG is guaranteed to be an upgrade. Some enemies are just easier to handle when they are being absolutely riddled with the rapid firing of bullets. This is where the Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo SMG comes in!

Unlocking the Resident Evil 2 Infinite Ammo SMG requires a similar approach to the Infinite Ammo pistol unlock, except this time you’ll need to target the Hardcore difficulty instead of Standard. Achieving an S Rank with either character on Hardcore will unlock the Infinite Ammo LE-5 sub-machine gun. Now go destroy all those that dare to oppose you!