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Resident Evil 2 Can you save Ada? | Who gives Leon the rocket launcher?

Asking the Resident Evil 2 “Can you save Ada?” question can only mean one thing! You’ve made it to the finale of Leon’s playthrough. If this isn’t the case, and you’re fearful of SPOILERS, then get out of here. What follows is an explanation of what happens to Ada in Resident Evil 2 remake, and how exactly she manages to make an appearance in Resident Evil 4 and beyond. I’ll also cover the mysterious “We’ll call it even.” ending scene, where a mysterious friend gives Leon the rocket launcher! You’ve had your SPOILER WARNING, so let’s dive in!

Can you save Ada in Resident Evil 2 remake?

resident evil 2 can you save ada

Once Leon has acquired the G-Virus and is making his way out of the self-destructing laboratory, he’ll encounter Ada on a walkway. There’s a long drop beneath them. After a bit of a disagreement, Ada loses her footing and Leon attempts to save her from falling. Leon seemingly fails and Ada plummets to the depths below… Or does she?

While there isn’t anything the player can do to prevent Ada from falling, we are given a little tease at her survival. Pay close attention to the ending fight with the Tyrant (Mr. X) and you’ll notice that the mysterious figure who gives Leon the rocket launcher is wearing a red dress. Seems very familiar!

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Who gives Leon the rocket launcher in Resident Evil 2 remake?

resident evil 2 can you save ada

So, who gives Leon the rocket launcher in Resident Evil 2 remake? If you blink, you might miss it, as only part of the character is shown in the frame, and for only the briefest of moments. If your brightness settings are high enough, you’ll be able to make out the strap of a red dress. Who was wearing a red dress in Resident Evil 2? Ada, of course! (If you answered “Claire,” then you need to look again, as she is wearing a red jacket.)

It isn’t clear how she survived the fall, but Ada ultimately comes to Leon’s rescue. She says, “We’ll call it even.” This sets the scene for Resident Evil 4, where Ada appears as a rival to Leon.