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Resident Evil 2 remake story length | How long to beat

Resident Evil 2 is finally out, and plenty of fans are wondering about the story length. If you want to know how long you’ll need to beat Resident Evil 2, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s more on the Resident Evil 2 remake story length, and how it compares to other games in the series.

How long does it take to beat Resident Evil 2 remake?

The campaign should take the average player around 20 hours to beat. That’s according to two key members of the development team, who revealed all during a recent interview in Dubai, which was translated by WFCCTech. Director Kazunori Kadoi and producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi explained that each playable character’s arc consists of around 10 hours’ worth of gameplay.

However, our editors found that the Resident Evil 2 story length can be trimmed right down if you know what you’re doing. It took one of our team 11 hours in total, six hours for Leon and five for Claire to complete, while another managed to beat it in 12 and a half hours total.

Completionists may take longer, but it shouldn’t take you 20 hours to beat even on your first run.

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How long is Resident Evil 2 remake compared to the original?

According to How Long to Beat, the original Resident Evil 2 took completionists about 15 hours to beat. For those who chose to only beat the story, however, the average time posted on How Long to Beat equates to five-and-a-half hours, which matches our playthrough of the game you can see above. You may wonder why the remake takes twice as long to beat. However, there’s plenty more exploring to do, secrets to uncover, and puzzles to solve, so you’ll be busy if you take your time.

Meanwhile, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard  the last game to the series took players around 10 hours to beat. This only relates to the story again, so Resident Evil 2 shouldn’t take you much longer if you’re only concerned with the story too.