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Resident Evil 2 Bolt Cutters location | How to cut chains on doors

One of the obstacles you’ll face in Resident Evil 2 remake is chained doors. Instead of finding a key for these, you’ll need to find bolt cutters. Several locations in the RPD are sealed this way, and to proceed further in the game, you’ll need to find a way to cut the chains.

We’ll show you where the bolt cutters are in Resident Evil 2 and which chained doors can be opened with them.

Where are the Bolt Cutters in Resident Evil 2 remake?

Odds are you’ll see a chained door before you find the bolt cutters. Especially in the 1st run scenarios, you’ll find several entries bound by chains, with no apparent lock. It’s immediately evident that it’ll take more than a simple key to unlock these chained doors, but you won’t find the cutting tool necessary for a bit.

1st Run Bolt Cutters location

Resident Evil 2 Bolt Cutters Location 1st Run

On your first run, you won’t get a chance to cut through the chains binding the doors until after you collect the Spade Key. Once you’ve got the Spade Key, head through the Waiting Room on the second floor west wing of the RPD, and take a right. You’ll want to proceed down the corridor until you reach the Fire Escape.

Once you reach the Fire Escape, head downstairs and wait for the cutscene to play out. Then, you can grab the Bolt Cutters, which are on the garbage can next to the door.

2nd Run Bolt Cutters location

Resident Evil 2 Bolt Cutters Location 2nd Run

You’ll get the Bolt Cutters much earlier on in your second run in Resident Evil 2. From where you start, you’ll just want to go straight, head down the stairs and through the tunnel, and then hang left. You’ll be outside of the gate leading to the Fire Escape.

On the left side of the door is a wheelbarrow. In the wheelbarrow, you’ll find the Bolt Cutters.

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Where are the chained doors I can use the bolt cutters on in Resident Evil 2 remake?

Resident Evil 2 Bolt Cutter Chained Door Locations

There are four doors in the RPD that are locked with chains:

  • East Office South Door
  • Operations Room South Door
  • Door leading from Fire Escape into first floor east wing (1st run only)
  • The door in the tunnel area in front of the RPD (2nd run only)

Each of these locations is vital to the completion of your scenario. Unlike some of the card suite key doors, none of these can be skipped, which makes the bolt cutters a must-find item. Of particular note, do yourself a favor on your second run scenario and make sure you hit the Operations Room south door the first time you pass through. This will save you a bit of time, ammo, and health later on.