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Resident Evil 2 Lab Code | Plant 43 Greenhouse Codes – 1st and 2nd Run

Each lab code you use in Resident Evil 2 remake opens up one of two locations in the East Area of the Laboratory. The Greenhouse codes will give you access to the drug dispenser in the Drug Testing Lab as well as the hatch that leads to Floor B2. The Greenhouse codes can be found in two separate locations, but change between your 1st run and 2nd run. Below is where you can find both lab codes in Resident Evil 2 and where you need to enter them to defeat Plant 43.

Resident Evil 2 Lab Code – 1st run Greenhouse codes

When you get to the Greenhouse Control Room, you’ll find a panel in the west part of the room that can be used to enter lab codes. These codes will unlock two locations once you find them:

  • Drug Synthesis Machine
  • Greenhouse Hatch leading to B2

1st Run Greenhouse Hatch Code

Resident Evil 2 Lab Code Greenhouse Hatch 1st Run

This code is easy enough to find and leads directly to where you’ll find the second one. Just walk to the hatch in the southeast part of the Greenhouse and examine it.

Printed right on the top of the hatch is the code. Go back to the control room and enter it and the hatch will open.

1st Run Drug Testing Lab Code

Resident Evil 2 Lab Code Drug Testing Partial 1st Run

If you head to the Drug Testing Lab, you’ll see there’s a machine you can use to fill the cartridge with the base ingredient for the herbicide. Unfortunately, only the first two symbols of the code are there. The last two have been destroyed and are nowhere in sight.

Resident Evil 2 Trophy Location First Run

To get the Drug Testing Lab code that will allow you to access the machine you need to get the first part of the herbicide, head through the hatch in the Greenhouse. After you climb down the ladder, enter the nearby door, and you’ll be in the B2 corridor. You need to head to the Lounge, which is all the way down the hall and to the left (east). On a table there you’ll find a trophy.

Resident Evil 2 Lab Code Drug Testing Lab 1st Run

If you examine the trophy in your inventory, you can rotate it until you’re looking at the bottom and you’ll see a code. This code can be entered in the Greenhouse Control Room to open up the dispenser.

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Resident Evil 2 Lab Code – 2nd run Greenhouse codes

During the 2nd run, the lab codes change, so you can’t use your knowledge of the first playthrough to skip searching them out. Fortunately, they’re pretty much in the same place, so you just have to put in the legwork to get them.

2nd Run Greenhouse Hatch Code

Resident Evil 2 Lab Code Greenhouse Hatch 2nd Run

To get the code for the Greenhouse hatch in your second run, you just have to do the exact same thing. Run over to it and look at the lid for the code.

2nd Run Drug Testing Lab Code

Resident Evil 2 Trophy Location Second Run

This time around you have to walk a little bit further to get this code. The 2nd run Drug Testing Lab code can still be found on the bottom of the trophy, but its location has changed.

Resident Evil 2 Lab Code Drug Testing Room 2nd Run

To get the trophy in your second run, you’ll have to walk a bit down the hall from the Lounge where you found it in your first playthrough and enter the Low-Temp Testing Lab. Here, you’ll find the trophy on a desk shortly after you enter the room. Flip it over and look at the bottom once more to get the code to the Drug Testing Lab.