Resident Evil 2 Portable Safe puzzle solution | How to open Portable Safes

To open a portable safe in Resident Evil 2 remake, you’ll have to figure out the code. Finding out how to open the portable safe is mostly a process of elimination. You won’t find it laying around anywhere. Instead, you’ll have to work your way through the puzzle. Below we’ll tell you where to find the portable safe, how to solve the puzzle to get the code, and what’s inside.

Where Do I Find the Portable Safe in Resident Evil 2 Remake?

Resident Evil 2 Portable Safe locations First Run

To find the Portable Safe in your first run game, you’ll need to proceed through the RPD until you make it to the northwest side of the first floor. Near the dark room, there is a staircase you can climb to reach the second floor of the RPD. Upon reaching the second floor, turn right and head down the hallway. Enter the first door on the right, and you’ll be in the shower room.

Immediately to the right when you enter the shower room, you’ll find the Portable Safe Instructions and the Portable Safe.

Later, after you get the Diamond Key in the basement, you can head to the Linen Room in the second floor, west wing of the RPD to get the second Portable Safe.

Portable Safe Second Run Locations

In each of the 2nd runs one Portable Safe location changes. While the one in the Linen Room remains, the other is now located in the Observation Room in the first floor east wing of the RPD.

How Do I Open the Portable Safe in Resident Evil 2 Remake?

Resident Evil 2 Remake Portable Safe Code Diagram

As you can see in the image above, each of the eight buttons on the bottom of the Portable Safe activates a light on the dial at the top of the safe. The arrows on the dial indicate which direction you need to light these to unlock the safe. If you light one out of order, the puzzle resets, and you have to try again.

As stated above, the puzzle solution is a simple process of elimination. The Portable Safe Instructions give you the gist of how to solve the puzzle:

“Portable Safe Instructions

Press a button to light up its corresponding lamp. Light them all to open the safe.

The buttons must be pressed in a specific order. Pressing a single button out of order will cause all of the lights to go out, and you will need to start the sequence over again.”

Use the instructions in the file as well as the example in the image above to figure out the code for the Portable Safe. I believe it’s randomized each playthrough, but it might not be.

What’s Inside the Portable Safe in Resident Evil 2 Remake?

Resident Evil 2 Remake Spare Part

Inside the portable safe is one of the Spare Parts for fixing the keypad in the Safety Deposit Room. You can use the spare key to open a few more of the lockers which will net you a roll of film to develop and some shotgun shells.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to get the second spare key before you can open locker 203, which contains the hip pouch which serves to increase your inventory space.