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Resident Evil 2 Chess Piece Locations | Where to Find the Rook, King, and Queen Plugs

In the sewers, you’ll find a door locked with a series of chess pieces in Resident Evil 2 remake. While three of the chess plugs are already inserted, you’ll have to find the other three, which have been scattered about the sewers. We’ll give you the location of each chess piece, including where to find the Rook Plug, Queen Plug, and King Plug, in Resident Evil 2.

Where are the Chess Pieces in Resident Evil 2 remake?

When you reach the Monitor Room in the sewers, you’ll be confronted by a huge door blocking your bath to the Garbage Room, which you need to reach to save Ada (Leon) or Sherry (Claire). This door is locked by a series of Chess Plugs that must be arranged in a particular order before. Unfortunately, only three chess pieces are inserted the first time you enter the Monitor Room in Resident Evil 2.

The chess pieces that are already inserted are:

  • Bishop Plug
  • Knight Plug
  • Pawn Plug

Which means you still need to find the:

  • King Plug
  • Queen Plug
  • Rook Plug

It’s only when you have all six inserted into the sockets on the wall in the correct order that the door will unseal.

Resident Evil 2 Rook chess piece location

Resident Evil 2 Rook Chess Piece Location

The Rook chess piece is the easiest to find of the three. You’ll pass it on your way to the Monitor Room. It’s located at the L-shaped junction connecting the Worker’s Break Room and the Workroom on the Upper Level of the sewers.

There’s a catch, however. The first time you come through here, you can’t take the Rook chess piece with you. Otherwise, it raises the bridge and blocks the path you need to take to progress.

You must wait until you’ve reached the Treatment Pool Room, which is right next to the Monitor Room, and gotten the T-shaped handle from next to the cable car. You then must exit the Treatment Pool Room via the eastern door and go down the steps to the Lower Level sewers. There, you need to head to the right, flip the switch on the wall and drop down into the sewage.

From here, head east until you reach an alcove in the south wall. You can jump up here and use the T-shaped Handle to open the gate. Inside you’ll find a life that will take you up to the Workshop. Unlock the door here by flipping the bolt, and you’ll be back at the junction with the Rook Plug.

You can now take the Rook chess piece out of its socket here and use the new shortcut you opened up through the Workshop to get back to the Monitor Room.

Resident Evil 2 remake Queen and King chess piece locations.

Resident Evil 2 King and Queen Chess Piece Locations

Getting the Queen and King Plugs in Resident Evil 2 remake is a bit harder than getting the Rook. Return to the part of the Lower Level sewers you descended to when you came from the Treatment Pool Room. Now, you need to head left (west) instead of right (east).

You’ll find yourself at another gate you can open with the T-shaped Handle. Proceed through until you reach a ladder that leads into the Bottom Waterway.

You’ll want to jump down and head west. Don’t doddle around here as there are a ton of Adult-G here and you don’t want them to gang up on you. Make your way to the Supplies Storage Room as quickly as possible.

Resident Evil 2 Supplies Storage Room chess piece puzzle solution

So, both of the chess pieces you need are located in the Supplies Storage Room, but you can’t just grab them and leave. There are a series of doors in the room that can only be opened by inserting either the King or Queen Plug into the socket next to them.

Follow these steps to get both plugs and exit the Supplies Storage Room:

Resident Evil 2 Supplies Storage Room puzzle 1

Head down the steps and hang a left through the open gate. Grab the Queen Plug from the socket.

Resident Evil 2 Supplies Storage Room puzzle 2

Go west and then turn around to see another Queen Plug socket. Insert the Queen Plug here.

Resident Evil 2 Supplies Storage Room puzzle 3

Climb the steps to the upper level and turn around to see the King Plug in a socket next to a door. Grab the King Plug

Resident Evil 2 Supplies Storage Room puzzle 4

Jump down to the lower level and head back through the door you last opened with the Queen Plug. Insert the King Plug into the socket on the left opposite the stairs.

Resident Evil 2 Supplies Storage Room puzzle 5

Grab the Flamethrower (Leon) or Spark Shot (Claire) and unbolt the door in this small room.

Resident Evil 2 Supplies Storage Room puzzle 6

Grab the King and Queen Plugs from their sockets, and place the Queen Plug back into the socket where you found it the first time.

Resident Evil 2 Supplies Storage Room puzzle 7

Head through the door that opens and place the King Plug in the door across from the stairs where you entered the room.

Go through the door that opens, then back around to the Queen Plug. Pull the Queen Plug, then head back through the door opened by the King chess piece and pull it.

You’re now able to leave the Supplies Storage Room with both chess pieces in your inventory. By this point, you should have all three plugs you needed.

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