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Resident Evil 2 Missable Items | Can you miss any items?

Whether or not there are missable items in Resident Evil 2 remake is something you’ll want to keep at the forefront of your mind while playing. RE2 doesn’t hold your hand when it comes to providing you with ammo, health, weapons, and weapon upgrades. If you don’t want to miss any item in Resident Evil 2, you’ll have to remain attentive.

Here, we’ll define what a “missable item” is when it pertains to Resident Evil 2 remake, and at what point in the story you can no longer return to earlier locations.

Which items in Resident Evil 2 remake are missable?

As you’re playing through Resident Evil 2, your environment changes. There are new locations to visit, sure, but you’ll find old ones can hide surprises upon revisiting them. This means it’s a good idea to note the locations of items in each place you go, even if you don’t plan on picking them up the first time through.

In RE2 you might consider an item missable if the route to it is too fraught with danger. If a formerly empty corridor gets filled with a Licker or two during your journey then heading down it to get an item suddenly might not be worth the trouble. I personally would consider any item that’s harder to get past a certain point in the game missable. I’m not going to go run through a corridor where zombies have broken through windows en masse to get five handgun bullets, and you shouldn’t either.

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However, when you think “missable” you probably want to know if there’s a point where you can’t return to get an item, no matter the risk. Resident Evil 2 remake is actually very generous when it comes to letting you backtrack, more so than almost any other entry in the series.

There is a very clear demarcation in the game, after which any items you’ve left behind in all locations become lost for good. When you take the cable car from the Sewers to the Labs, you forfeit the chance to go back and collect any other items. Before that point, you can return to any location you’ve visited before and pick up anything you’ve left behind.

So, any item you don’t pick up before heading to the labs in the cable car is technically “missable.” As long as you’re before that point in the story, you can return and get any item you’ve left behind.