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Resident Evil 2 remake Club Key location and Club Key doors

The Club Key will likely be the last of the four major keys you’ll find in the RPD in Resident Evil 2 remake. When you open up the Club Key doors in RE2 remake, you’re getting ready to say adieu to the police station and head to greener (and stinkier) pastures. One of the first locked doors you see in the game is a Club Key door, but you won’t get a chance to open it until much later on.

Since the Club Key location doesn’t change places between the first and second run, this guide will help no matter which scenario you’re playing in Resident Evil 2 remake.

Where is the Club Key location in Resident Evil 2 remake?

Resident Evil 2 remake Club Key Location

Only Leon can get the Club Key in Resident Evil 2 remake. Unlike previous games, where both characters had to get all four keys to exit the RPD, the Club Key is exclusive to Leon’s scenarios.

In the original RE2, to get the Club Key you had to make it to the basement and then take control of Sherry (Claire A/B) or Ada (Leon A/B) and then head through the Sewage Disposal area and solve the box puzzle. It was originally used to unlock the Autopsy Room in the basement, the Night-Duty Room, and the Press Room.

In Resident Evil 2 remake, pretty much everything concerning the Club Key (besides it being shaped like a Club) has changed. To get it, you’ll need to have collected the crank from the RPD Jail in the basement. Then you’ll need to make your way back into the RPD. This requires you to head over to the shutter near the Morgue and raise it with the crank. Once the power is turned on you can make it back up to the RPD using the door near the Firing Range.

You’ll end up back near the East Office. You need to stop over in the Break Room and grab the fuse and use it to raise the shutter blocking the way into the Nightwatchman’s Room. Proceed through the first floor east wing corridor until you reach the Main Hall.

From the Main Hall, head to the second floor and pass through the Waiting Room into the hallway near the Art Room. At the northern end of this corridor, you’ll find a shutter that can be raised using the crank. Raise it and head up the stairs to the third floor, then go to the balcony. Climb down the ladder, then take the stairs down from the roof to ground level. You’ll be able to walk to the Boiler Room now. Head inside the Boiler Room, and in the save room in the back, you’ll find the Club Key taped to a whiteboard.

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Where are the Club Key door locations in Resident Evil 2 remake?

There are two Club Key doors you can access in Leon’s scenario.

  • The Observation Room in the first floor east wing that can be accessed using the staircase near the Chief’s Office.
  • The west-facing door of the Records Room in the first floor west wing.

Of these two rooms, you don’t actually have to visit the Observation Room to finish the game. However, there is a file here, the Confiscation Report, which has the combo to the Waiting Room safe on it. Additionally, you can pick up the Ornate Box here on your first run or a Portable Safe on your second, both of which you’ll need to gain access to a new weapon, a weapon upgrade, or more inventory space.

You absolutely must visit the Records Room to make it through the game. It contains the tool, a jack lever, you need to lower the bookcase in the library. Without it, you can’t align the bookcases and gain access to the Clock Tower.

Again, note that these doors remain locked to Claire, but she will get to access these locations via another means.