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Resident Evil 2 remake Diamond Key location and Diamond Key doors

The Diamond Key is one of the four major keys you’ll use to make your way through the RPD in Resident Evil 2 remake. You’ll see Diamond Key doors long before you get the key itself. We’ve got the info you need to discover the Diamond Key location and which doors you can unlock with it.

The location where you find the Diamond Key doesn’t change whether you play as Leon or Claire and doesn’t move even between a first and second run. Therefore, this guide will serve you well no matter which Resident Evil 2 scenario you’re playing.

Where is the Diamond Key location in Resident Evil 2 remake?

Resident Evil 2 remake Diamond Key Location

To get the Diamond Key in the Resident Evil 2 remake, you’ll need to make your way to floor B1 of the RPD. When you first arrive there, you’ll be in the Parking Garage. From there, head to the door on the east wall and enter the corridor. Take your first right and head south, then around the corner to the Kennel.

In the Kennel, you’ll have one of two things to worry about depending on which run you’re on. If it’s your first run, you’ll see dogs banging against their cages. Don’t worry, they won’t escape the first time you walk past them. If it’s your second run, though, you’ll have more immediate problems as two Lickers will have moved in.

In any case, once you make your way out of the Kennel’s east-most exit, just head east a bit, and you’ll be at the Morgue. There’s a zombie by the door you can either take out now or deal with in a sec. Your objective in the morgue is to find the final resting place of one Justin Hanson.

The nearby file, Autopsy Record No. 53477, clues you in on Justin Hanson’s story:

Autopsy Record No. 53477

Name of Deceased: Justin Hanson

Male, Caucasian, 39 years old


Found dead in jail cell bed by staff. Hands are still clenched tight due to rigor mortis, which should be coming to an end. It’s highly likely that he died just after lights out.

Deceased was known as a kleptomaniac, incarcerated multiple times. Incredibly, he would steal even while in jail, though that was consistent with his clinical diagnosis.

One of poor Mr. Hanson’s final acts was to steal the Diamond Key, and because of rigor mortis, he remained clutching the key even as the world fell apart around his lifeless form. You’ll find Justin in the second freezer drawer on the north wall. Sure enough, once you open the drawer, you’ll see the Diamond Key. Unfortunately, you’ll also notice that Hanson isn’t as dead as the medical examiner believed. You’ll have to either avoid or kill him and the newly awakened zombie by the door after opening the drawer.

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Where are the Diamond Key door locations in the Resident Evil 2 remake?

Resident Evil 2 remake Diamond Key Door Locations

Both characters have access to two Diamond Key doors in their scenarios:

  • The Linen Room in the west wing of the second floor of the RPD.
  • The door leading to the small office in the Firing Range.

You’re not actually required to visit either of these locations to beat the game. In the Linen Room, you’ll find one of the Portable Safes that contain a Spare Key needed to unlock some of the lockers in the Safety Deposit Room. In the Firing Range office, you’ll find a Red Herb and a roll of film showing the combination to the 3rd-floor RPD locker.

However, there is one Diamond Key door that only Claire can access that is required to proceed further in the game. The Elevator Control Room is in a part of the basement that is exclusive to Claire’s scenario and allows you to activate the elevator that takes you up to the Chief’s Office.