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Destiny 2 Butterfly Lock – How to Open the Mysterious Box

Destiny 2 has a lot of great quests and items to find, but it’s taken a while for fans to get access to one of its most recent mysteries. The Mysterious Box was introduced last month to the game, and players have been trying to crack all four locks to open the box since then. The Destiny 2 Butterfly lock in particular has been causing headaches.

There are four locks to open on the Mysterious Box, and so consequently four individual mysteries to solve. How do you open the Butterfly, Hand, Fishhook, and Black Armory locks? Which is the most difficult? And where do you find the Mysterious Box in the first place? We’ve got the answers to all these questions, so let’s go all Indiana Jones and quest for a box that’ll probably kill us.

Where to Find the Destiny 2 Mysterious Box?

The Destiny 2 Mysterious Box, along with its four annoying locks, can be found on Volundr Forge. You’ll of course need the Black Armory DLC expansion from Destiny 2‘s year two, which is available as part of the season pass. You’ll have to play through the Machine Gun Frame quest and complete it first, which you can initially get from Spider on the Tangled Shore. Once you’ve finished with the Machine Gun Frame mission you can return to Ada-1 in the Annex area of the Tower.

She’ll send you to Volundr Forge for another reason, but you can break off from that once you reach the area, and go after the Mysterious Box. Land at the Sunken Isles part of the Forge, then head through the various tunnels until you reach Smildur’s Cavern. Stand on the edge of the chasm here, looking towards the Forge itself, and then down to the side by the broken bridge you’ll see a ledge. Drop down, and you’ll find another ledge and a cave. Head inside and you’ll find a a Black Armory chest. Loot it to get the Mysterious Box in your inventory. Examine it, and you’ll see it has four locks. Let’s get to opening them.

How to Open the Destiny 2 Butterfly Lock

destiny 2 mysterious box

While the Mysterious Box has been available for a few weeks, the Butterfly lock has been causing a lot of problems for players. The main reason for this is that a requirement for opening the Butterfly lock is the Izanami Forge, and that’s only been recently made available. Unfortunately, there’s a long quest chain you’ll have to complete to gain access to this Izanami Forge, similar to what you had to go through to get to the Volundr Forge.

It starts with going to Vessus and killing Vex until one drops a Vex Transponder, and then charging it by killing 100 Vex. After that you’ll be asked to do the Spire Integration heroic event, kill Vex Minotaurs, complete three more heroic public events, and destroy Taken Blights on Io. After a few more missions, finishing the Volundr forge, and a high difficulty Insight Terminus Strike, you’ll be allowed access to the Izanami Forge.

Once you’ve unlocked the Izanami Forge on Nessus you can start work on getting the Butterfly lock key. Start the Izanami Forge activity and clear the first few waves of enemies. Between waves you may notice two shield drones, which glow blue rather distinctively, appear in specific parts of the arena. Find them and shoot them down, and you’ll get a buff called Maximum Temper.

Continue playing through the activity as normal. Clear all waves of enemies and defeat the boss, then head to the center of the arena, where you’ll find a Black Armory crate similar to the one which you found the Mysterious Box in. Open it and you’ll get a Black Armory key, which you should go to your inventory and use. Interestingly enough, this does not open the Black Armory lock, instead it opens the Butterfly lock! So why wasn’t it called the “Butterfly key” then?

How to Open the Fishhook Lock

The Fishhook lock key is a little easier to find than the one for the Butterfly lock, since it’s located in the Volundr Forge itself. You’ll first need to begin the Forge activity, just like you did with the Izanami Forge, then get past the first wave of enemies, charge the Volundr Forge using 20 batteries, and then repeat.

However, upon reaching the second wave, two more of those blue shield drones will appear. One drone will be in the area where the cave opens up, hovering over a little island with a few fir trees. The second drone will be on the opposite side, in the deepest part of the cave. Snipe them both before the activity is over, and once again you’ll get that buff called Maximum Temper. As before, continue on and complete the Forge activity, and when you complete it you’ll receive another Black Armory crate. Open it and you’ll get the key to the Fishhook lock.

How to Open the Hand Lock

Destiny 2 Black Armory

The Hand lock is unfortunately located in yet another Forge, the Gofannon Forge. Yes, this means you’ll have to undertake another completely separate and rather long mission in order to activate this new Forge before finally gaining access to the key to the Hand lock of the Mysterious Box. Fortunately actually finding the Forge is quite simple. So let’s go find it.

You’ll first have to go to Nessus once more, and land at Artifact’s Edge. Across the chasm you’ll see a broken ship on the ground. Head there, and you’ll notice a hole in the side which you can head into with your jetpack. Go down this corridor quite a way until you hit the area called the Lost Fuselage. You’ll see the Gofannon Forge in front of you, but of course now you’ve got the job of activating it.

First, you’ll have to kill Fallen until you get the Stolen Black Armory Gear item, then head to Ada-1. She’ll get you to kill Fallen and get 35 Tainted Gear, then you’ll need to talk to Spider. He’ll send you to complete the Cryo-Pod Heroic Event at Thieves’ Landing, and also to kill more Fallen on the Tangled Shore. Next, he’ll send you to find Fallen Caches around the Lost Sectors, then you’ll have to kill Captains on Nessus. Finally, you can head to the Gofannon Forge and we can get on with the Hand lock.

The method is similar to previous ones. Activate the Forge, then fight through the first wave of enemies until two blue shield drones appear in the lull between waves. The first is just above the wrecked fuselage in the corner, the other is just to the left of that, lower down, by an exposed section of wall. Shoot them both, and you’ll get the Maximum Temper buff once again. Now, keep playing through the waves and complete the Gofannon Forge activity, which will end with yet another Black Armory crate for you to raid for a key. This one will open the Hand lock. Just one more to go…

How to Open the Destiny 2 Black Armory Lock

Unfortunately, after all that you still won’t yet be able to open the Mysterious Box, as the final lock remains closed to players. It’s suspected that the Black Armory lock key will be made available with Niobe Labs when that arrives on January 8, just next week, but whether that’s the case we just don’t know. The contents of the Mysterious Box better be pretty darn worth it…