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How to Get Skorupi in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go‘s festive holiday update added a number of generation IV Pokemon to its roster, including the scorpion-inspired Skorupi. Despite its addition during the holiday event update, Skorupi didn’t appear to show up as much as some would have liked. If you’re still struggling to add it to your Pokedex, here’s how to get Skorupi in Pokemon Go.

How to Get Skorupi in Pokemon Go – Why Wasn’t Skorupi Spawning Often?

It’s a difficult question to answer. Skorupi was one of the newest additions to Pokemon Go as the holiday event update was patched into the game ahead of the festive period, but didn’t seem to spawn all too often. The best way that players had found how to get Skorupi in Pokemon Go was by hatching 10 km eggs, but even this method didn’t always cause one to materialize when the egg eventually hatched.

It could be that, due to Pokemon Go‘s festive challenges, Skorupi wasn’t at the top of gamers’ wish lists. As such, it wouldn’t spawn that much if people weren’t exactly looking for it. Now, however, reports are emerging online that Skorupi is appearing more often in the wild. Here’s how to get Skorupi in Pokemon Go if you still need to catch it.

How to Get Skorupi in Pokemon Go – How to Catch

According to this Silph Road Reddit thread, Skorupi is spawning often in the wild since the holiday event finished. It seems that cloudy weather makes Skorupi spawn more often, so this is your best chance to get Skorupi in Pokemon Go if you haven’t done so yet. Just keep an eye out for the dual poison and bug-type Pokemon on your travels and, when you come across one, make sure to use a stronger ball — such as a Great or Ultra Ball — to ensure you snag it first time around.

Of course, you can always try hatching one from a 10 km egg like you could previously. Again though, the Pokemon you’ll hatch is pretty randomized, so don’t place all your bets on getting one with your first egg.