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How to Unlock Celeste C-Side Levels

Finished the B-Sides and think you’ve finished Celeste? Ha. Good one. There’s the small matter of playing the Celeste C-Side levels. These short (and definitely not sweet) bonus levels are necessary for those completionists who want to 100% the game and complete every level. So, here’s how to unlock the Celeste C-Side levels, include the C-Side The Core chapter. But be warned: this is one peak you might not want to scale.

How to Unlock Celeste C-Side Levels

It is, understandably, not too straightforward when it comes to unlocking the Celeste C-Side levels. Seven of the eight C-Sides, though, can be unlocked by beating the B-Sides of Chapters 1 through 7.

That means finding the cassette tapes, with one hidden in each chapter in the main story. This will then unlock the respective chapter’s B-Side. This can only be done for the first seven chapters as the final chapter, the Core, takes a bit more elbow grease to unlock its B-Side.

How to Unlock The Core C-Side in Celeste

So, you’ve beaten Chapters 1-7, found the cassettes, and beaten those B-Sides too. Chances are, however, you’ll have a gaping hole when it comes to Chapter 8: The Core. To unlock the B-Side (and, ergo, work your way towards getting its C-Side), you need to find all eight blue Crystal Hearts in the main story and all seven red Crystal Hearts in the B-Sides of Chapter 1-7.

But that’s not even half of it. To unlock The Core C-Side in Celeste, you also need to complete the C-Sides of every other chapter as well as getting all 15 Crystal Hearts. Only then will the hardest set of levels in the game unlock.

So, in summary, you’re going to need:

  • Every cassette to unlock B-Sides (Chapters 1-7)
  • Every red Crystal Heart (Main story: Chapters 1-8)
  • Every blue Crystal Heart (B-Sides: Chapters 1-7)
  • Beat every B-Side (Chapters 1-7)

Only then can you unlock every single Celeste C-Side level. Nobody said it was going to be easy.