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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Wii Cheats

In-Game Awards

Whilst playing this game, completing certain tasks will complete the requirements for an Award. The conditions are below.

Accomplished Astrologer - Get 500 or more stars in Quickplay+.

Ace Astrologer - Get 2,000 or more stars in Quickplay+.

Adept Astrologer - Get 1,000 or more stars in Quickplay+.

Altered Virtuoso - Get all 40 stars from a Quest song.

Amateur Astrologer - Get 100 or more stars in Quickplay+.

Anthemic Archivist - Have a song library of 115 or more songs.

Apostates of Orthodoxy - Get five Quickplay+ stars with a four-person non-standard band, all on Medium or higher difficulty.

Axe Claimer - Get the Legendary Guitar in Quest. (Finish the Rush 2112 playlist.)

Bearers of the Standard - Get five Quickplay+ stars with a four-person standard band, all on Medium or higher difficulty.

Champion of Challenges - Beat another person's Gold or better Star Challenge in Quickplay+.

Chosen One - As a Hard or higher Drummer, beat "Fury of the Storm".

Diamond Master - In Quickplay+, get Diamond ranking on two challenges in one playthrough.

Divine Liberator - Free and obtain the Demigod of Rock in Quest.

Gem Collector - Play 100,000+ notes in Quest.

Gem Hoarder - Play 150,000+ notes in Quest.

Giant Slayer - As a Hard or Expert Bassist, play "Holy Wars ... The Punishment Due" without failing.

Gold Master - In Quickplay+, score a Gold ranking on three challenges in one playthrough.

Gold Standard - As a four player standard Band, get at least Gold on each and every challenge in Quickplay+ for a song.

Hand Mutilator - As a solo Expert Guitarist, without any Powers, beat "Black Widow of La Porte".

Lucifer's Accountant - End a song with a score that is a multiple of six.

Manager of Fate - Make and play your custom five (or more) song playlist.

Mathematical Sharpshooters - As a band, in Quickplay+ or Competitve, have a score ending with "000".

Mocker of Fate - Make and play a five-song random playlist.

Motivated Improviser - Play 100+ notes in a GH Jam session.

Mythical Millionaire - During a Power Challenge in Quickplay+, get 1,000,000 or more points.

Nauseous Numerologist - Get a score of exactly 133,337 in Quickplay+ or Competitive modes.

Partial Perfectionist - Dominate four Quest chapters.

Patron of the Arts - Make a song in the GH Tracks portion of the game.

Perfect Perfectionist - Dominate each song and chapter of Quest.

Player of the Ear Worm - Play a Quickplay+ song ten or more times.

Poor Boys - As band, with two or more Vocalists, all on Medium or higher, beat "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Pseudo Perfectionist - Dominate two Quest chapters.

Quick Learner - Full Combo one of the tutorials.

Roadie Apprentice - Play Roadie Quickplay+ three or more times.

Roadie Back-up - With a Roadie, score over 300,000 points.

Roadie Champion - As a Roadie, score at least 75,000 points.

Roadie Master Assistant - In Roadie Quickplay+, have a Roadie get 50% or higher assistance and have the rocker get five stars.

Roadie Micromanager - Have a playlist created in Party Play via a Nintendo DS, DSi, or 3DS. The playlist must have 15+ songs and must be played.

Roadie Multiplier - Obtain a 48x multiplier with a Roadie.

Roadie Requester - Via a Nintendo DS, DSi, or 3DS, choose a song in Party Play.

Roadie Rescuer - With a four-person band and one Roadie, each member had 20% or higher Roadie assistance.

Roadie Sabateur - Curse people 250 or more times in Roadie Battle.

Roadie Team-up - With four Roadies and four rockers, each member gets 50% or higher Roadie assistance.

Roadie to 11 - Rock to 11 as a Roadie.

Roadie Veteran - Play twenty or more games with a Roadie.

Roadie Warrior - Play Roadie Battle at least five times.

Roadie Wingman - Have a Roadie help a different Roadie's rocker 50 or more times during Roadie Quickplay+.

Savior of Rock - Defeat the Scourge of Rock.

Scions of Excess - With a four-person band, get a 11x multiplier.

Seasoned Competitor - Play Pro Face-off, Momentum, Momentum+, Streakers, Do or Die, and Perfectionist in Competitive at least once each.

Self-Improver - Beat yourself in a Star Challenge in Quickplay+.

Stellar Centurion - Steal the spotlight.

String Twins - In Quickplay+, have Guitarist and Bassist score the same.

The Brute - Obtain Warrior Lars in Quest.

The Dynamo - Obtain Warrior Echo in Quest.

The Eternal - Obtain Warrior Axel in Quest.

The Exalted - Obtain Warrior Pandora in Quest.

The Recluse - Obtain Warrior Austin in Quest.

The Siren - Obtain Warrior Judy in Quest.

The Trickster - Obtain Warrior Johnny in Quest.

The Vigil - Obtain Warrior Casey in Quest.

Thee Meek - As a band with three or more members, play "2112 - Pt. 4 Presentation" in Quickplay+.

Tracker of Deeds - Follow five Hero Feed items.

Ultimate Answerer - Earn Quickplay+ stars from each category (basic playthrough, each Star Challenge).


Effect Code
Unlock All Characters Blue, Green, Green, Red, Green, Red, Yellow, Blue
Unlock All Venues Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Red