Ace Combat 7 Switch edition – Is Ace Combat 7 coming to the Switch?

Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown is due to be released on January 18, but there’s still no word on a possible Ace Combat 7 Switch edition. Is an Ace Combat 7 Switch version in the works and, if not, will it ever be? Read on to find out the answers to those queries.

Ace Combat 7 Switch edition – Is it coming to the Switch?

Not when it launches on its other platforms, no. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is due to land  (pun not intended) on Xbox One and PS4 on January 18, while a PC port of the title is coming just under two weeks later on February 1. That’s it as far as editions go for the combat flight action game, with no Ace Combat 7 Switch edition said to be in the works.

Ace Combat 7 Switch edition – Will it ever come out on the Switch?

It’s a possibility, but it will all depend on whether the Nintendo Switch could handle the technology used in Ace Combat 7. The game’s producer, Kazutoki Kono, told Dualshockers in an interview – way back in August 2017 – that he would like to bring the game to the Switch, as it was a “very attractive platform.”

However, Kono-san went on to add that the limitations within the Switch’s hardware could scupper any chance of that happening. Xbox One, PS4, and PC are all much more powerful consoles and hardware than Nintendo’s hybrid console, and will be able to process every detail of each battle in real time.

The Switch can handle a fair chunk of action on screen, as it’s displayed with a variety of other titles since its launch in March 2017. Ace Combat 7 developer Bandai Namco, however, don’t appear to hold out much hope in it being able to cope with Ace Combat 7 in its current form. That may change in the future, especially if a new Switch console comes out in 2019, but for now an Ace Combat 7 Switch edition won’t be forthcoming.