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Pokemon Go Donphan raid battle – How to beat

Pokemon Go has seen a change in its raid battle bosses since the New Year, including a Pokemon Go Donphan raid battle that’s now available as part of the shakeup. How do you go about beating Donphan? Here’s our guide on how to beat the Pokemon Go Donphan raid battle.

Pokemon Go Donphan raid battle tier

You’ll be able to battle Donphan in raids in tier 3. According to this Pokemon Go reddit thread, Donphan has a CP ranging from 1622 to 1744. However, this can be boosted when the weather is sunny and/or clear. If it is, Donphan’s CP can be as high as 2151, so make sure that you’re well-prepared to take it on.

How to beat the Pokemon Go Donphan raid battle

In order to beat Donphan in a raid battle, you’ll have to be aware of what Pokemon types it is weak against. Donphan is a ground-type Pokemon, so any Pokemon that is a grass, water, or ice type will have the best chance of beating it. Of course, you can use a flying type Pokemon to evade its ground attacks, but their moves won’t be super effective against Donphan.

The best raid counters Pokemon for Donphan are ones that have a high CP, attack value, stamina, and who have a super effective move that will do big damage. Creatures like Gyrados or Kyogre are sound choices, as the water/flying and water type Pokemon can both evade Donphan’s attacks and take it down with a powerful water-based move.

Gyrados and Kyogre both possess fast attack moves such as Waterfall, and charge attacks like Hydro Pump. Both of these will hurt Donphan no matter which one you use, so get pounding away and this battle will be over as soon as it begins.

Other Pokemon who can hold their own against Donphan include grass types like Venusaur and Exeggutor, and ice/ground types like Piloswine.