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14 days of Fortnite cheat sheet – Challenges, rewards, and more

Did you think that the 14 days of Fortnite event had ended? You were wrong. Epic Games has decided to extend the event, so if you missed out on any challenges and rewards, now’s the time to get them. You can use our 14 days of Fortnite cheat sheet to help you on your way too, so read on to find out how to complete each one.

14 days of Fortnite cheat sheet – Day 1 – How to join a creative server

Enter a lobby—it doesn’t matter if it’s in creative mode lobby or another one—and change the game mode to “creative.” Press the button or key to enable “start a server,” and simply wait for the game to load. Once you’re in, you’ll receive the “GG ornament” spray as a reward.

14 days of Fortnite cheat sheet – Day 2 – Visit giant candy cane locations

14 days of fortnite day 2

There are four giant candy canes around the map, and you only need to travel to two of them to get the festive firefight loading screen reward. Check our map above for their locations.

14 days of Fortnite cheat sheet – Day 3 – Play matches with a friend

Simply play three online matches with a friend to complete this and get the snowball reward. You have to stay in the game, however, and either win or die naturally. You cannot disconnect as soon as you enter one, otherwise the challenge won’t recognize it.

14 days of Fortnite cheat sheet – Day 4 – Hit a player with a snowball

You’ll have to have completed the day 3 challenge to do this one. Have you got that throwable snowball handy? Equip it as an emote, and when you’re in a match, throw it at another player. If it explodes on impact, you’ve completed it. Do this again in another three different games—so that you’ve done it four times total—to get the snowman emoticon.

14 days of Fortnite cheat sheet – Day 5 – Golden rings challenge

14 days of fortnite day 5

In keeping with that festive song “The 12 days of Christmas,” golden rings have appeared on the map on the fifth day. You can see the locations on our map above. There are 15 in total, but you only have to fly through five of them to receive the combat wreath back bling.

How do you do this? Just find a plane on the map, enter the cockpit, and take to the skies. If you’re having trouble finding one, Frosty Flights is your best bet.

14 days of Fortnite cheat sheet – Day 6 – Goose nest locations

14 days of fortnite day 6

Another “12 days of Christmas” themed event. There are 19 goose nests on the map, and you need to search through six of them to get the crackshot special loading screen. All of them are located near to water sources, so seee our map above for the various locations. If you’re struggling to locate them, make sure to check under trees in the nearby vicinity.

14 days of Fortnite cheat sheet – Day 7 – Use boogie bombs or presents

You’ll have to search through chests to find boogie bombs or presents for the merry munchkin pet reward. Once you have seven, throw them at seven different players (if they are bombs) or open them to display items such as the Port-a-Fortress (if they’re presents).

14 days of Fortnite cheat sheet – Day 8 – Different weapon damage challenge

Hit eight different players with eight different weapons. That’s it. You don’t need us to tell you about each weapon in the game, so make sure you complete this to get the “Take the Elf” emote.

14 days of Fortnite cheat sheet – Day 9 – Holiday tree dance locations

14 days of fortnite day 9

Twelve Christmas trees have popped up across the map, as you can see in our image above. Simply dance in front of nine of these to get the snowglobe banner prize.

14 days of Fortnite cheat sheet – Day 10 – Vehicle trick locations challenge

You’ll need to land a trick in a vehicle in 10 different named areas of the map. Use a ramp or cliff to give yourself sufficient air, and make sure you land your vehicle wheels down, otherwise it won’t work. There’s tons of named places on the map, so pick 10 that are close together to complete this as quick as you can, and earn the holiday stormwing spray present.

14 days of Fortnite cheat sheet – Day 11 – Thank the bus driver

Another easy one, but a bit time consuming. Simply thank the bus driver as you exit in 11 different matches. Press the “B” button on your PC keyboard, down on the D-pad on Xbox One, PS4, and Switch, or the “emote” button on your smartphone before you deploy. You’ll get the frozen axe present for doing this.

14 days of Fortnite cheat sheet – Day 12 – Destroy the snowflakes

You have to destroy 12 snowflake decorations around the map to receive the snowflake emoticon reward. Each main town or village has plenty of buildings, so simply find houses, gas stations, and more, find their snowflakes, and break them. Each destroyed one counts towards the challenge.

14 days of Fortnite cheat sheet – Day 13 – Place devices in creative mode

Like the day 1 challenge, load up creative mode. Enter the golden rift so you’re put on your individual island. You then need to put 13 devices on your island to complete this challenge.

To do this, open your inventory. Select the “devices” tab, and equip items like traps, vehicles, spawn points, and more. Next, build a building that’s at least 13 stories high. Once this is done, put a different device on each floor. It’s time consuming, but not too difficult to complete and earn the disco wrap reward.

14 days of Fortnite cheat sheet – Day 14 – Search chests

The final challenge only needs you to search 14 chests. You can complete this in a few matches if you’re good enough, especially if you land in areas with plenty of buildings. Once you open that 14th chest, you’ll earn the equalizer glider and your challenges will all be complete.