Box art - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 League Play Release Date – When is the competitive mode coming?

Treyarch has announced that a Black Ops 4 competitive season is about to begin. Revealed at the back end of 2018, an esports League Play mode is soon to be part of their latest first-person shooter. So, when can we expect to hear more about a Black Ops 4 competitive season release date?

When is the Black Ops 4 League Play release date?

The Black Ops 4 Esports League Play mode is due to be patched into the game by the end of January. This is subject to change, however, if Treyarch aren’t happy about rolling the features and modes out if they aren’t ready. With the 1.11 update going live next week but no mention of the League Play in the patch notes, we can expect it some time after January 18 It’s best to keep an eye out on our website and social media channels for confirmation of when they’ll be available.

What is the Black Ops 4 League Play mode?

Writing a post on the Black Ops 4 Reddit page on January 8, Treyarch revealed more about their plans for a Black Ops 4 competitive mode. Billed as a “core focus” for the developer throughout 2019, Treyarch plan to roll this world league hub out over the next few months.

The Black Ops 4 competitive scene will begin with the game’s League Play format in the very near future. How near is it to a release date though?

What forms will Black Ops 4 League Play take?

The Black Ops 4 competitive season will be slightly different to previous years. Treyarch have confirmed that League Play events will take place over three days – normally a weekend, given that more people will be free on those days – and take the form of more frequent, shorter, and intense matches.

Meanwhile, other events called Scrims will take place in between these main competitions. Scrims are unranked matches, will use CWL rules, and can be used by players and teams to hone their skills and teamwork ahead of bigger bouts.

League ladders will also come into play, and will comprise of 50-player groupings to allow for the most competitive matches based on each person’s or team’s skill level. These will enable similar skill levels to be matched together, and give everyone the best chance of showing how good – or bad – they are. More information on rankings will be revealed by Treyarch at a later date.