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Pokemon Go win 5 raids field task – Easy bosses, rewards, and more

Pokemon Go players are hard at work earning their stripes with January’s field research tasks. One of the easier ones to complete is the Pokemon Go win 5 raids field task. Who are the easy raid bosses, and what reward awaits you for completing this challenge? Read on with our Pokemon Go win 5 raids field task guide.

Pokemon Go win 5 raids field task – What do you need to do?

The only thing you need to do is win 5 raid battles. Raid battles see you face off against “boss” versions of Pokemon, and you’ll have to beat five of them to earn the gift at the end of it all. Some raid battles can be really tough, but if you stick with the tier 1 and 2 Pokemon raid battles, you’ll have no problem beating them with ease.

Pokemon Go win 5 raids field task – Who are the easiest raid battles?

According to this page on Pokemon Go hub, there are five tier 1 and four tier 2 Pokemon that are really easy to beat. The tier 1 Pokemon raid battles consist of either Shinx, Makuhita, Wailmer, Magikarp, or Buizel. The tier 2 Pokemon raid fights include Sandslash, Croconaw, Mawile, and Breloom.

Each of the nine Pokemon listed above have huge weaknesses to other Pokemon types. For example, Sandslash is a ground type, so they are weak to water, grass, and ice Pokemon. There’s quite a few water-type Pokemon in the above list though, so make sure you have a grass or electric Pokemon in your party.

Once you come across a raid battle, it’ll be much quicker and easier to defeat the bosses if you have a Pokemon that’s strong against their type. This will be doubly true if you fight someone like Magikarp, who has no real attack and whose CP are ridiculously low.

Pokemon Go win 5 raids field task – What reward do I earn?

Once you complete the Pokemon Go win 5 raids field task, you’ll have a greater chance of encountering a shiny Aerodactyl. It’s pretty difficult to get this dual rock-flying type Pokemon as, unless you hatch one from a 10km egg, so this is your best chance to add it to your Pokedex.