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Pokemon Go Breloom – How to get

Are you interested in learning how to get Pokemon Go Breloom? You’re in luck, as you’ve come to the right place. Breloom is a good Pokemon to have in your party due to its dual-type, but how do you go about adding it to your roster? Here’s how to get Breloom in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Breloom – What type of Pokemon is Breloom?

Breloom is a dual grass-fighting type of Pokemon. This means that it’ll be extremely useful when you’re facing off against rock-type Pokemon, as rock types are weak to both grass and fighting. With rock types having notoriously high CP, it’s wise to have someone like Breloom in your party.

It also means that you’ll cover water, steel, ice, normal, dark, and ground types too. You will, of course, be susceptible to other Pokemon types due to this dual grass-fighting type, such as psychic. It’s worth remembering this if you ever engage in battle with someone who has Pokemon that are strong against Breloom.

How to get Pokemon Go Breloom

In order to add Breloom to your Pokedex, your main port of call is evolving it from its predecessor. Breloom’s first form is Shroomish, and you’ll need to catch one if you want to evolve it into Breloom.

Once you have a Shroomish, you will require 50 candy pieces to evolve it to its next form. The best way to get candy for Shroomish is to, well, catch other Shroomish. You’ll normally get three pieces of candy for every Shroomish you catch, but thanks to the January hatchathon event currently in the game, you can earn double that amount for a limited time.

This means that you should only need to catch nine Shroomish to hit the 50 candy mark. Once this is reached, you can use that candy to evolve Shroomish into Breloom, and that’s how to get Breloom in Pokemon Go.