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Red Dead Online January update patch notes

Red Dead Online has received its first major update of 2019. The Red Dead Online January update comes with a a new game mode, which we’ve handily covered on our game page, plus some other extras. So, what’s changed as part of the Red Dead Online January update patch notes?

Red Dead Online January update patch notes – What’s changed?

Not much, aside from a number of bug fixes, for PS4 players. Xbox One gamers, however, can now get the Red Chestnut Arabian horse, alligator skin ranch cutter saddle, and High Roller double-action revolver – items that were only exclusively available to PS4 players up to this point.

With the exclusivity period now up, however, Xbox One players can buy these in the game too. Simply head to your nearest stable or gunsmith to add them to your collection.

Red Dead Online January update patch notes – When is it available?

Rockstar took to their official newswire website to reveal that the update is available now. PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to automatically download the update as soon as they sign in to their console. Once the patch is installed on your chosen platform, you only need to load the game up for the changes to take effect.

Red Dead Online January update patch notes – What other updates are on the horizon?

Rockstar have stated that plenty more updates to the Red Dead Online beta would be rolled out over the coming months, and teased what could be part of those patches. Red Dead Online is set to get new Races and Showdown modes, clothing, emotes, daily challenges, story missions, changes to law, bounty, and parley game mechanics, and dynamic events as the team continue to improve and refine the playing experience.

Keep an eye out on our website and social feeds for more about these updates as and when they are announced by Rockstar.