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How to Get Bronzong in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players appear to all be trying to find out how to get Bronzong in Pokemon Go. The generation 4 Pokemon was only introduced to the game recently, but everyone seems to want to know how to get the dual-type psychic and steel type now. Here’s how to get Bronzong in Pokemon Go.

What Pokemon is Bronzong in Pokemon Go?

bronzong in pokemon go type

Bronzong, as we mentioned, is a dual-type Pokemon who has two of the better types in the series. Being psychic and steel, Bronzong is strong against a wide variety of different creatures. Fighting, poison rock, ice, and fairy are types that it’s super effective against, while the likes of normal, grass, and dragon types aren’t very good at attacking it.

Of course, Bronzong is weak to other types due to its dual-type style, but it covers a lot of bases thanks to this too. It’s a worthy Pokemon, then, to have in your roster.

How do I get Bronzong in Pokemon Go?

how to get bronzong in pokemon go

To add Bronzong to your Pokedex, you will need to evolve it from Bronzor. Bronzor requires 50 candy pieces for it to be able to evolve to its next form, so you’ll have to catch a number of Bronzors to get enough candies.

Ordinarily you would get three candies for every Pokemon that you catch, which means that you’d need 16 Bronzors to have enough candy to evolve one. However, the ongoing Pokemon Go hatchathon event gives players double candy amounts for every Pokemon they catch. This should mean it will only take eight Bronzors to get the amount of candy you require.

Once you have 50 candy pieces, simply feed them all to one Bronzor. Find the one out of your collection with the best stats to evolve beforehand, so that you can make the most of your candy. Once you do, Bronzong will be the newest addition to your Pokedex.