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Resident Evil 2 This content cannot be selected at this time Error Fix

The Resident Evil 2 remake is out on January 25, but there’s a new one-shot demo out today which allows you to savor exactly 30 minutes of gameplay, and it’s available on all platforms. However, a number of players on PSN are encountering difficulty in downloading the new demo, and are instead getting a Resident Evil 2 This content cannot be selected at this time error message when they try to do so. What is this error message, and how do you unlock the Resident Evil 2 PS4 demo? We’ve got the answer.

What is the Resident Evil 2 This content cannot be selected at this time Error?

If you’re planning on playing the Resident Evil 2 remake demo on PS4 at this time, you’ll have to sign in to the PlayStation Network, search for it, and download the demo directly from the appropriate page. It should be fairly obvious on the store page, and may even be on the Featured menu. However, despite being front-and-center on the PSN store, some players may get a “This content cannot be selected at this time” error message when they request to download it. The cause of this is quite simple: despite it being generally there on the store page, it’s not yet available in your current region.

How to Fix “This content cannot be selected at this time” Error Message

Resident Evil 2 demo unlock

The only way to fix this problem right now is to setup a new PSN account, using a second email address, and setting the region to somewhere else in the world, such as New Zealand or even the UK. Then you should be able to go the PSN store and download the demo with no problem.

However, the other solution is to simply wait. The Resident Evil 2 remake one-shot demo is definitely available today on all platforms, just at different times, and by this point it should be well on the way to being available in all countries over the world. If it’s still not available several hours from now, feel free to try the other method if you’re desperate to play it.