AMD Ray Tracing – Does Ray Tracing work on AMD?

Ray Tracing has been a standard in high-end NVIDIA RTX GPUs for a little while by now. The latest advancement in PC graphics has eluded AMD hardware thus far, but AMD Ray Tracing is on the way. Read on to find out the answer to “does Ray Tracing work on AMD?” and more.

Does Ray Tracing work on AMD?

As of writing, Ray Tracing doesn’t work on AMD. This is a shame because if your rig is powerful enough, you can make the most out of its far more realistic lighting in a handful of games. The list of games that Ray Tracing can be used on is only set to increase, however. Real-time Ray Tracing is on the way to the Unreal Engine, for example. While you cannot currently make use of Ray Tracing on AMD hardware, it is in active development as we speak.

When will we see AMD Ray Tracing?

AMD Ray Tracing

According to a PCWorld article, AMD is “deep into development” of a GPU which allows Ray Tracing. After delivering her CES keynote, AMD chief executive Lisa Su spoke to a number of journalists as part of a roundtable discussion.

When asked about Ray Tracing and whether or not a general lack of support is holding AMD back from making the jump, Su explained “that development is concurrent between hardware and software. And so for us, it’s… what is the consumer going to see? The consumer doesn’t see a lot of benefit today because the other parts of the ecosystem are not ready. I think by the time we talk more about ray tracing, the consumers will see that.”

When asked whether or not there is a time frame for AMD Ray Tracing hardware, Su added simply: “Not yet.” Sadly, we don’t know when AMD is likely to introduce Ray Tracing into its GPUs, but it is on its way, hopefully, sooner, rather than later.