PSVR Demo Disc 3 – Demo 3 game list

Well, well, well, just bought the PSVR did you? And now you’re not sure what’s worth your money, eh? Well, wonder no more, because the PSVR package includes a set of demos to offer you a taster of what’s in store for titles that support the stylish little gizmo. The PSVR Demo Disc Three is, as you might have guessed, the third collection of taster sessions with a handful of games on offer. If you’re wondering what’s on it and when it’s out, carry on and see for yourself.

PSVR Demo Disc Three – Resident Evil 7

PSVR Demo disc three - Resident Evil 7

The Disc Three demo was spotted with a PEGI 18 rating not too long ago, and that rating makes a lot more sense when you consider that the terrifying survival horror Resident Evil 7 is included on the disc.

The game is a restart for the Resident Evil series, dragging the game back to its slimy, horror survival roots and just happens to be full of characters with normal-sized arms. The game didn’t just go back to the series’ roots; it also took the fairly risky move of changing up the game’s point-of-view by moving it to first-person, something that saw Capcom taking advantage of the jump to true VR when the game released back in 2017.

If we’re right, you might not be playing through the game’s actual campaign through the demo. Instead, the Disk Three demo is likely to include the Beginning Hour demo. It sees you exploring the Baker Mansion at your own pace, having a fiddle with some of the contraptions hidden around the fairly broken down house, and eventually being punched in the face. The demo can be completed incredibly quickly, but there are a few secrets you can find including ghost sightings, a handful of spooky events, and figuring out what to do with a mannequin finger.

PSVR Demo Disk Three – Astro Bot Rescue Mission

PSVR Demo disc three - Astro Bot

Not quite the gritty horror that Resident Evil 7 offers, Astro Bot has still taken VR by storm since releasing in 2018.

The game sticks to the tried-and-trusted rules of platformers but manages to play around with the base formula a bit through its use of VR. You won’t have to use the PS Move controllers with Astro Bot, as the various gadgets that you use in each mission are attached to the normal controllers.

It’s likely that the demo will let you play through the first level of the game before cutting you off, but it’s a perfect opportunity to see what all the fuss is about and get used to the mix of a conventional platformer with the VR viewpoint.

PSVR Demo Disk Three – Headmaster

PSVR Demo disc three - Headmaster

Who doesn’t want to be a footballer? Surely it’s a dream job. Well, the strange antics of Headmaster might have you thinking twice. You play as a football (or soccer) player who’s run into a bit of poor form and is sent off to the club’s ‘re-education’ center to get their groove back.

The gameplay itself matches up with the PSVR headset pretty perfectly, with the game basically being you heading balls into buckets or trying to hit a specific part of the goal. Whatever you do, just try to avoid the various explosives that litter some levels.

Along with the puzzles, you’ll also have to put up with an unseen spectator who, similar to the narrator from The Stanley Parable, is there to berate and belittle you whenever the opportunity arises.

PSVR Demo Disk Three – SuperHot

PSVR Demo Disk Three - SuperHot

You’ve surely heard of SuperHot by now. The game moved from being a cult hit and into the mainstream some time ago, offering up a unique puzzle experience that has you stopping and starting time whenever you move.

The VR version of the game follows those exact same rules as the standard version, the only difference being that you’ll have a much better idea of what’s coming at you, whether it’s bullets, bottles or swords. And you’ll also get to rewatch your whole playthrough up close and personal.

Being the demo version SuperHot, you’ll get to play through the game’s first level, which not only teaches you the basics but also throws a fair few challenges your way, making multiple playthroughs of the level something of a necessity. It’s also the perfect title to use when you want to show off your fancy PSVR system to friends who don’t care.

PSVR Demo Disk Three – When does it release?

PSVR Demo Disk Three - PSVR headset

There’s no specific release date for the when the Disk Three demo will be available to download, but a tweet from Soul Pix, the studio behind the upcoming Eden Adventure, suggests that we might see the compilation demo arrive on January 15, 2019.

We should also note that the PSVR Disk Three demo won’t be a physical disk. Instead, you’ll download the demo as one (admittedly large) download. Previous demos for PSVR come in at just over 33GB, so it’s worth making sure you have some space on your hard drive before you start downloading.