Skyrim co-op – How to enable 8-player co-op

We’ve all slain dragons, climbed snow-covered mountains, and taken an arrow in the knee in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim alone, but how about if we could do all that in co-op? Now, we can play Skyrim co-op. Read on to discover how you can take your game of Skyrim online. Now you can say Fus Ro Dah together. Isn’t that lovely?

What is Skyrim co-op?

Skyrim co-op

Unfortunately for those of us on consoles, the only way you can play Skyrim co-op is through a PC-only mod. Eight years after its initial release, we will be playing Skyrim co-op on PC soon. The mod in question is called Skyrim Together, but it isn’t available for everyone just yet. Before you get giddy with excitement, the only way you’ll be playing co-op Skyrim right now is by taking part in the closed beta.

Taking to the Skyrim Together subreddit, a developer of the mod explained that “a temporary closed beta” will begin soon for “loyal patreons.” Anyone who has given money through its Patreon page (as linked above) will have access to the closed beta. As per the Reddit post, the closed beta “will be used to measure traffic, any emergencies, and stability.” You will be able to play 8-player co-op in Skyrim during the closed beta.

The developers also state that it “will be a short closed beta,” but that there is currently “no release date for either the closed or open beta.

How to play Skyrim co-op with eight players

Skyrim co-op

If you are one of the mod’s Patreon providers, you will want to stick to the Patreon page for an official announcement of the closed beta release date. Once the closed beta is live, however, it will be simple to download and play.

A downloadable launcher for Skyrim Together is incoming. Once this is available (again, check the Patreon link above and subreddit), simply download the roughly 200 MB file. Once you have downloaded this, you will be good to go.