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How to change direction on ziplines in Fortnite

Epic Games has made improvements have been made how ziplines work in Fortnite, including being able to change direction much more easily. Learn how to change direction on Fortnite ziplines with our guide.

How do I change direction on ziplines in Fortnite?

how to change direction on ziplines in fortnite

When ziplines first came into being in Fortnite, players found that the only way to truly change direction was to jump off the zipline first. As shown by this clip on the Fortnite Reddit page, players could travel down ziplines but, in order to head back up them, you were required to turn 180 degrees, jump off the zipline, and immediately jump back on to it.

That’s all changed now with the Fortnite 7.20 update. Epic Games have patched a feature into the game that means players no longer have to jump to change direction. To change direction on ziplines in Fortnite, you simply just press the direction you want to go in. So, if you’re riding down and you want to go up, just press “up” on your joystick and you’ll fly back up the zipline without having to jump.

Why do I need to change direction on ziplines in Fortnite?

why change direction on ziplines in fortnite

Evading your opponents is key to your survival, so you’ll want to constantly be on the move so that their bullets or other weapons don’t hit you. Using any traversal method, then, is massive. Jumping, running, zig-zagging, and even using ziplines will help you to evade their attacks.

If you’re coming down a zipline and you start to get shot at, simply turning around and heading back up could be the difference between life and death. Of course, you’re still free to throw in a jump or two to make it even harder to hit you. Just be aware that you may fall to your death if you don’t immediately latch back on to the zipline.