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Is Metro Exodus Open World – Can you Free Roam?

Fans of 4A Games’ upcoming first-person shooter might be curious: is Metro Exodus open world? The Winter season page shows a 360-degree view of a level that could easily have come out of either Metro 2033 or Metro: Last Light, so there isn’t much in the way of answers there. However, the Spring season page appears to open up things a good bit. The pages for Summer and Autumn similarly hint at the game being a little more open than previous entries in the franchise.

The first two games did have more broadly open environments. These mostly popped up in the moments when you had to go to the surface. Decently-sized sections of the city or wilderness were open to you, but these were often just visual dressing for a more linear path and you couldn’t free roam. Will the next game in the series open things up a little bit?

Is Metro Exodus open world?

Is Metro Exodus Open World

So, is Metro Exodus open world? Yes and no. I recently was able to attend a press event for the game and I learned about some of the details surrounding this upcoming title from 4A Games. Really, the question of whether or not the game is open world largely comes down to how exactly you define the category.

No, Metro Exodus does not take place on one single, unbroken map. You’ll still be traveling from area to area throughout the game and each area will take place in a different “season”. Whereas you traveled from Metro station to Metro station in the previous games, you’re instead riding on the jury-rigged train Aurora and stopping at various points. These individual areas are much more open than past levels in the game and they give you a good amount of freedom to run around exploring, fighting enemies, and collecting bits of junk to craft your various gadgets and weapons.

Is Metro Exodus open world? If your definition of “open world” is “a game taking place on one map”, then no, and you ability to free roam will also be limited in that regard. If your definition is “some parts of the game allow a lot of freedom to explore”, then the answer is yes. Personally, I’m just happy to see the ability to explore the wonderful world of Metro 2033 with a little more freedom.