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Days Gone Special Edition – Is Digital Deluxe worth it?

The new trailer for zombie-fest Days Gone warns players against the lush wilderness the game’s world offers, explaining that you might be tempted to stop and take in the majesty of the waterfalls but don’t, you’re a survivor, not a tourist. Thankfully, developer Bend Studio has no such warning for taking your time to explore all the goodies included with the two different Days Gone Special Edition models, the Collector’s Edition and the Digital Deluxe Edition. And if you’re wondering what’s in both of them, we’re here to give you the details.

Days Gone Special Edition – What is in the Collector’s Edition?

Days Gone Special Edition - collector's edition

Let’s start with the biggie. The Collector’s Edition comes with a boxed version of Days Gone in a steelbook case, along with a rather handsome statue of protagonist Deacon St John sitting by his motorcycle. We’re not done yet though, as the Collector’s Edition also gives you a physical and digital collection of the game’s art put together by DC Comics, and you’ll even get physical and digital copies of the game’s soundtrack.

The Collector’s Edition has a few bits of merchandise included too, if that’s your thing. Along with the art book, soundtrack, and game, you’ll also six pins based on the game, which you can attach to a bag or a jacket. And seeing that Days Gone is a biker gang-slash-zombie game, you’ll also get a sew-on patch with the Collector’s Edition, with the patch simply reading “Days Gone,” if you’re looking to spruce up a canvas guitar bag or your school bag, it might look good on that.

You’ll also get four decals, which are basically stickers and feature a few mottos that are likely to spring up in the game, with one reading “Ride the Broken Road,” which seems unpracticable but hey, it’s the apocalypse, all the roads are probably broken.

The selection of extras detailed above are all exclusive to the Collector’s Edition. Though everything that’s included in the game’s Deluxe Digital Edition is also included with the Collector’s Edition.

Days Gone Special Edition – What is in the Digital Deluxe Edition?

Dyas Gone Special Edition - digital edition

Being a digital-only edition of Days Gone, you won’t be getting any statues or stickers. But there are still a few goodies available with the Deluxe Digital Edition, all of which are also included with the Collector’s Edition, so there’s no need to get jealous.

First up, picking up the Digital Deluxe Edition or Collector’s Edition will snag you three digital bonuses, two of which are for in-game use. You’ll get early access to the game’s “Monkey Wrench” skill; exactly what this skill is, we don’t know, but either using a wrench as a weapon or being able to repair your bike quicker seems like a likely purpose for the skill. Next is the inclusion of three different bike skins, none of which look too bombastic, with the skins coloring your bike red, blue, or green. Finally, the Digital Deluxe and Collector’s Edition also gives you a Dynamic Theme based on Days Gone to spruce up your PS4.

Digital Deluxe Edition buyers will also get access to the Days Gone soundtrack and art book collection as digital downloads.

Days Gone Special Edition – What are the pre-order bonuses?

Dyas Gone Special Edition - pre-order bonuses

To be honest, the pre-order bonuses seem like giving you the most value for money, with each bonus based on in-game skills and weapons. Anyone who buys the Collector’s Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition or pre-orders the Days Gone Standard Edition will get these bonuses.

First, there’s the Shroud upgrade for your bike, which increases your defense against bullets and zombies, which the game calls “Freakers.” Players will also get an increased gas tank, which obviously lets you travel further without having to refuel, pretty handy in a world where everything wants to kill you. The third bonus is a nitrous upgrade for your bike, perfect for giving you a burst in speed when you’re being chased by wolves, Freakers or post-apocalyptic lunatics. The final pre-order bonus is an early unlock to the Drifter Crossbow, allowing for silent attacks against any enemy and making surviving a hell of a lot easier.

Days Gone Special Edition – Which one should I buy?

Days Gone Special Edition - is it worth it

Choosing which tier you want to buy is really down to how much you want that statue of Deacon St John, it seems to be the only item that makes the Collector’s Edition worth picking up, along with the steelbook case.

If you only care about getting an upper hand in the game, then pre-ordering the Days Gone base game offers you the most value for money, with upgrades to your bike and a new weapon that’s sure to come in handy.

Images: Sony/Studio Bend