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How The Division 2 VOIP works – How to chat in-game

Fans of the first game might be curious how The Division 2 VOIP will be implemented in the upcoming sequel to this Tom Clancy game. Proximity-based in-game voice chat was a key feature of the first game’s Dark Zones, allowing rogues to communicate with regular players as long as they were close enough to one another. This certainly added a level of realism to the game—players would frequently taunt one another as they battled it out for their lives in some of the game’s PVP areas.

Unfortunately, this also presented a bit of a problem. While a bit of banter isn’t that big of a deal, some of the nastier players took the opportunity to take things a little too far. That leaves us the very real question of whether or not The Division 2 VOIP will be a thing and, if so, how it will be implemented in the game.

How will The Division 2 VOIP work?

The Division 2 VOIP

Will players be able to talk smack in dark zones over The Division 2 VOIP? A post on the game’s official subreddit has stated that there will be some changes to the game’s proximity-based voice chat as compared to the first version of the game. It boils down to a single paragraph in a rather long Reddit submission laying out some of the finer details for the game:

The proximity voice chat was the source for a lot of toxic behavior in the Dark Zone. In The Division 2 this will be a bit different: You can still talk with other players in the Dark Zone and the VOIP is active – but as soon as you go hostile, you switch your channel. From then on, you can no longer communicate with players that are not in your group

While the reasoning is certainly sound, some players are lamenting the change to in a pair of Reddit threads (first thread, second thread). The Division 2 VOIP will still be there and can be used for friendly communication, but it seems like the days of Dark Zone trash-talking are coming to an end.