Box art - Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy Xbox360 Cheats

Freeze Timer at 0:00

Kill Meat Boy immediately upon starting a level. During the split second in which Meat Boy is forming again, switch characters. this should freeze the timer at 0:00!

Glitch Level

Beat a world's boss and when you revisit that area, you may notice that Bandage Girl looks glitched. If that is the case, you can beat the level again to access a surprise warp zone. Meat Boy should now look glitched, as well. Play through that area as you would any other standard warp zone. When you exit the level, it will appear as a yellow space behind the first level.

Play as Brownie

Enter the code on the character selection screen before starting a level, then select a character (most characters will work, but not certain ones like Gish and Alien Hominid). Brownie is just like Meat Boy, but shows up as a question mark on the leaderboards. You must beat the boss at the end of the Salt Factory first.

Play as BrownieRB, RB, RB, B, B, B, X

Avatar Awards

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Super Meat Boy (Male/Female)Beat the Light World.
Super Meat Boy T-Shirt (Male/Female)Play the game for a few minutes


Unlock Brownie Gamerpic

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Brownie GamerpicBeat Brownie in a Race


Unlockable Characters

Characters you can unlock through Bandages or Warp Zones.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Commander Video(Bit Trip)Warp Zone in World 1
Jill (Mighty Jill Off)Warp Zone in World 2


Business Time (10)Collect 50 bandages.
I'm A Golden God! (20)100% the game
Iron Boy! (10)Complete a full chapter without dying.
Living in the Past (20)Find and complete 5 warp zones.
Nostalgia (15)Find and unlock a warp zone.
Sticky fingers (5)Collect 10 bandages.
The Commander (10)Find and unlock Commander Video.
The End (65)Complete the main game.
The Real End (20)Complete the Dark World.
Tin Boy (5)Complete 10 levels consecutively without dying.