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How to turn off DLC in Black Ops 4 | Can you disable DLC?

While many appreciate the addition of new maps via DLC in Call of Duty games, for some, there is a problem with the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 DLC and how it affects Multiplayer. They can’t figure out how to turn off Black Ops 4 DLC. Did you pay for the Black Ops 4 map packs and now find yourself regretting the purchase? Read on to find out if you can disable DLC in Black Ops 4.

What’s wrong with the Black Ops 4 DLC maps?

How to turn off Black Ops 4 DLC

Some Black Ops 4 players have been complaining that since buying the DLC, matchmaking in Multiplayer has become more of a chore. This is since the DLC maps were added into the game’s regular rotation, anyway. Given that the perhaps more hardcore Call of Duty fan is the one buying the DLC map packs, it is making all of the DLC maps difficult for the more casual Black Ops 4 player.

You may have bought the DLC packs largely for the Zombies offerings, only to find that Multiplayer is less enjoyable with the new maps. Is there a way to turn off the DLC in Black Ops 4 though?

How to turn off Black Ops 4 DLC

How to turn off Black ops 4 DLC

Unfortunately, there is no way to turn off the DLC maps from regular Multiplayer rotation. There is no way, either, to turn off the DLC maps through uninstalling the Black Ops 4 DLC via your console’s menus.

Simply put, you cannot disable the Black Ops 4 DLC maps. Whether you like them or not, you are stuck with them if you paid for them.

This could change, however. Treyarch could add in a feature to turn off DLC maps in Multiplayer rotation as part of a future update. Although this might be unlikely given past quotes (with thanks to GameZone) from director David Vonderhaar on the subject. Vonderhaar explained that “people often ask for a disable DLC button. The problem with that approach is that it amplifies the problem.” Treyarch isn’t a fan “of the disable button.”

Who knows though? Treyarch may well add a disable DLC maps function into the game at some point. Stranger things have happened.