Box art - WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2011

WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2011 PSP Cheats

Christian Challenge Matches

Week 4 - After the Peep Show, before talking to Tiffany, go to the top locker room on the map and talk to Regal. He will challenge you for Superstars.

Week 5 - Find Kane and get challenged to an Inferno Match.

Week 7 - Find CM Puink in the hallways and talk to him. He will fight you in an extreme rules match at Superstars.

Week 9 - Find Jericho in the trainer's room. He will challenge you for Superstars.

Week 11 - Find Legacy backstage. Fight them 2-on-1 at Superstars.

WrestleMania - Cash in against Edge, then check the Green Room to challenge Stone Cold

Undertaker Challenge Matches

Week 2 - Backstage Brawl // Randy Orton

Week 3 - Backstage Brawl // Kozlov

Royal Rumble - Backstage Brawl // Ziggler

Week 9 - Tables Match // Big Show

Week 12 - Backstage Brawl // Batista

WrestleMania - Last Man Standing // The Rock

Rey Challenge Matches

Week 3 - Submission Match // Jericho

Week 4 - 6 Man Tag // Los Conquistadors

Week 6 - Singles Match // R Truth

Week 9 - Singles Match // Bourne vs Orton (talk to Orton in top Locker Room at Elim Chamber to set this up)

Week 10 - Cage // Hurricane (talk to him in the lower locker room to set this up before teaming with RVD)

WrestleMania - Extreme Rules // Terry Funk (find him in the Green Room)

Cena Challenge Matches

Week 4 - Backstage Brawl // Confront Sheamus in the middle Locker Room

Week 5 - Tag Match on SD // Fight Truth & Consequences (talk to MVP to set this up)

Week 7 - Tag Match on SD // Truth & Consequences for the titles (unlocks civilian MVP)

Week 8 - Backstage Brawl // Legacy (unlocks civilian Cena & entrance)

Week 11 - Tag Team // with Santino vs Legacy

WrestleMania - Singles Match // Vince in the Green Room

Jericho Challenge Matches

Week 1 - Singles Match // The Miz

Week 5 - Singles Match // Santino (talk to Santino at the Royal Rumble to set this up)

Week 7 - Parking Lot // Cena

Week 8 - Diva Match // Maryse vs Beth

Week 11 - Singles Match // Santino vs Big Show (talk to Santino in the hall to setup your interference)

WrestleMania - Singles Match // Find Steamboat in the Green Room

Unlock Arenas

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Backlash ArenaPlay a match at Backlash in WWE Universe
Bragging Rights ArenaPlay a match at Bragging Rights in WWE Universe
Druid ArenaComplete all 5 RTWMs
Hell In A Cell ArenaPlay a match at Hell In A Cell in WWE Universe
Judgement Day ArenaPlay a match at Judgement Day in WWE Universe
Royal Rumble ArenaPlay a match at Royal Rumble in WWE Universe
TLC ArenaPlay a match at TLC in WWE Universe
Wrestlemania ArenaPlay a match at Wrestlemania in WWE Universe.

RTWM Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Jake the SnakeDefeat Jake in Undetaker's RTWM while taking minimal damage.
Jimmy SnukaDefeat Jimmy in Undertaker's RTWM
Masked KaneCollect all souls and go to your locker room to reveal him ,Defeat Masked Kane in the folowing match in the ring to unlock him,
Paul Bearer (not playable character, used as manager only)Defeat Paul in 90 seconds and defeat Taker at WM .After end credits, you unlock him,
Stone Cold Steve AustinFind and play all of Christian's Challenge matches.
The RockDefeat The Rock in Week 12 of Undertaker's RTWM
Vladimir KoslovBeat Vladimir Kozlov in a match (non-simulated)

ECW Brand and Champion Ship Belt

To earn the Brand and the Belt,Defend your belt in WWE Universe against another wrestler. (You must play, Not simulate.)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
ECW BrandDefend your belt in WWE Universe against another wrestler
ECW Championship BeltDefend your belt in WWE Universe against another wrestler


John Cena Street Fight gear and Avatar T-ShirtSLURPEE
Randy Orton Alternate Attireapexpredator
Unlock the "Tribute to the Troops" arena8thannualtribute