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Resident Evil 2 True Ending | How to unlock the Best Ending

Have you already completed the Resident Evil 2 remake? If you have, did you see the Resident Evil 2 True Ending? Read on to discover how you can see the True Ending in Resident Evil 2 remake, considered to be the best ending in Resident Evil 2, plus learn what the alternate ending unlocks.

Resident Evil 2 True Ending | How to unlock the Best Ending

Resident Evil 2 True Ending

Those of you who have completed Resident Evil 2 already will appreciate it when we say that its regular ending feels a touch sudden. Thankfully, there is a better ending that you can unlock and watch. This is called the True Ending. Fortunately, unlocking the True Ending in Resident Evil 2 remake is simple enough, if just a little time-consuming.

To unlock the True Ending in Resident Evil 2, you will need to complete the game twice. Once as Leon and once as Claire. After you complete the standard game (Scenario A) you will unlock a new game titled Second Run (Scenario B). To unlock the True Ending you will need to complete the Second Run as whatever character you didn’t play as during the first run. So, if you played as Claire for the first run through, play as Leon for the second, and vice-versa.

Remember, however, to choose the right option. Once you have completed the game once, head onto the main menu, scroll down to Story and choose Second Run. Don’t choose New Game or Continue. As long as you have chosen Second Run and play it as whatever character you didn’t choose originally, you will receive the game’s True Ending upon completion.

Resident Evil 2 True Ending | What does it unlock?

Resident Evil 2 True Ending

Along with seeing the game’s True Ending, you will also unlock two things. These are as follows:

  • Hunk Scenario: The 4th Survivor
  • Silver Trophy (PS4) or Achievement (Xbox One) – Broken Umbrella – Witness the true ending.

Even if a single run technically counts as beating the game, completing a Scenario B run earns players what is considered the best or True Ending of Resident Evil 2. Trust us, it’s worth the extra time.