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Anthem EA Servers reached max capacity fix

If you’re logging in to try the Anthem demo, you’re likely being confronted with a message stating, “We’re sorry, but the EA servers reached max capacity. Please try again later.” Pressing okay will just attempt to login, and then you’ll get the same message again. So, is there a fix for the Anthem EA servers reached max capacity error?

Anthem EA servers reached max capacity fix

Anthem EA servers max capacity

As of right now, there’s no fix for the EA servers reached max capacity error that is afflicting Anthem players. The good news is that the problem is very unlikely to be on your end. This message is basically saying that the EA servers are full and there are no more slots for players to enter.

It’s likely that this issue will be mostly limited to the Anthem demo. As the full game comes online, it’s assumed that EA will have many more servers available, and players shouldn’t get the EA servers reached max capacity message.

It seems like this is an error that is affecting those trying to play the Anthem demo on all systems. So, PS4, Xbox One, and PC players alike are finding themselves unable to join. There’s been no statement from EA yet as to whether more servers will come online.

For now, the best fix for this error is just to wait. Since the issue is that the servers are full, until EA addresses the problem you can only hope that the population drops long enough for you to get a chance to log in.

Since the demo just launched, it’s likely the Anthem servers are getting hit hard. Like most online game launches, it’s to be expected that the first day of the demo is a nightmare of connection errors and other issues.