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Fortnite Replays Not Working | Why are Replays disabled?

No, you’re not the only one complaining about Fortnite Replays not working. Believe it or not, this is actually an intentional period of downtime that specifically targets the Fortnite Replay System. Epic Games has explained via Twitter that the developer has disabled Replays in order to investigate “an issue.” This warning also comes with some good and bad news. Here’s what you need to know!

Why are Fortnite Replays not working?

Fortnite Replays Not Working

While Fortnite is sometimes known to experience unscheduled periods of downtime, where the game simply encounters a problem that prevents a number of players from matchmaking or accessing certain parts of Battle Royale and/or Save the World, Epic Games has actually intentionally disabled the Replays feature this time around.

In the tweet seen below, the developer explains that, in order to fix an issue, Replays have had to be disabled. Specific information about what the “issue” is hasn’t been provided. However, with the changes made in the Fortnite 7.30 update, it’s certainly possible that a new feature has negatively impacted the Replays function. (If you didn’t catch the update patch notes, head here to get all caught up!)

When will Fortnite Replays be back?

Fortnite Replays Not Working

Epic Games hasn’t provided an estimated time for when the Fortnite Replays function will be back online. It could take minutes, hours, or even days (if past downtime periods are anything to go by).

In happier news, if you are fearful of losing awesome footage while Replays are disabled, Epic Games has confirmed that all Replays will be saved during the downtime. So you can all play as normal and the footage should all be fully watchable when the necessary fixes have been rolled out.

Here’s hoping the downtime doesn’t last long. I’m sure many of you are eager to get back to watching your awesome moments and making cool montages!