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Pokemon Go Tangrowth stats | Evolution, best moveset, shiny guide

So you want to learn all about the Pokemon Go Tangrowth stats, eh? Whether it’s wondering how to get Tangrowth through evolution, what its best moveset is, or if there’s a shiny version, this is the right place for you. Here’s our complete Pokemon Go Tangrowth guide. You’re welcome.

Pokemon Go Tangrowth | How to get Tangrowth

pokemon go tangrowth evolution tangela

If you want to add Pokemon Go Tangrowth to your rapidly expanding Pokedex, you’ll need two things. First, you’ll have to have caught a Tangela. This shouldn’t be too difficult as they can be found either in the wild or hatched from eggs.

Once you have one, you’ll need the Sinnoh Stone. Why? Because Tangrowth is the Sinnoh evolution of Tangela. How do you get a Sinnoh Stone? Good question, and the answer is provided in this handy Sinnoh Stone guide we’ve assembled. Have a scout in there and you’ll find out how to get one.

When you do, simply use the Sinnoh Stone and 50 Tangela candy pieces to get your own Pokemon Go Tangrowth.

Pokemon Go Tangrowth | Best moveset

pokemon go tangrowth best moveset

If you plan on using your Pokemon Go Tangrowth in rotation, you’ll want to know what its best moveset is. As a grass-type Pokemon, Tangela and Tangrowth rely on those type of moves, though it can also come with a couple of other types, such as Sludge Bomb or Ancient Power.

If you want to use Pokemon Go Tangrowth as a grass fighter only, your best bet is to pair Vine Whip with Solar Beam. Vine Whip only deals seven damage, but its damage-per-second ratio (DPS) of 14 and 10 energy-per-second ratio (EPS) mean it’s a well-rounded fast move to have. This allows Tangrowth to deal damage to its opponent while also increasing your energy bar to enable you to use charged moves.

Solar Beam is, by contrast, a charge move. It deals 180 damage, and has a 40 DPS reading. It has an energy bar drain rate of 20.4 EPS, but its damage output more than makes up for this loss of energy.

Pokemon Go Tangrowth | Shiny form

pokemon go tangrowth shiny

Given that Pokemon Go Tangrowth has only just been added to the game, there have been no encounters with a shiny form of it yet. What we do know is Tangrowth’s appearances in other Pokemon games turns its vines from blue to green. If we do see a shiny Tangrowth, this will likely be its shiny variety.