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Anthem Stats screen | How can I see my stats?

An Anthem stats screen has been requested by fans of the game since its open demo ended. Both last weekend’s demo and the VIP demo, which occurred a week earlier, have left players a tad frustrated over this absent feature. Was there a way to see your stats in Anthem that players didn’t notice though, or will BioWare now implement one? Find out if there’s an Anthem stats screen making its way into the game before launch.

Is there an Anthem stats screen?

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Not one that gives you a concrete answer on the hit points of your health and shield meters, no. After participating in the open demo over the weekend, we tried to find out if this feature was present. Following a search of the tabs, however, there didn’t appear to be one.

This has been backed up by other players, especially those who took part in a Q&A on Discord with BioWareBen. One user asked Ben if there was an Anthem stats screen present in the game, and he explained that there wasn’t an official one currently to find out about their health, shields, attacking power, and more.

Will the final game have an Anthem stats screen?

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Yes, but not in the way that many hope at launch. Ben went on to reveal that the game’s user interface (UI) needed more work doing to it before the game’s release on February 22. With the amount of loot and stats on offer in Anthem, Ben admitted that BioWare needed to get “much better” at simplifying individual weapon stats, as well as how customisation affects your javelin’s attack, defence, and speed stats.

Finishing up, Ben explained that the first phase of any UI overall would be in place for launch day, but didn’t specify what elements would be in place. An Anthem stats screen will be extremely important for all players, so we’ll have more definitive answers on this when the game launches in a few weeks.